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FaceBook Customer Reviews

  •   Great job, very interactive, problems solved.worked on computer till it was right.

    thumb Daniel Kirkendall

      It is too soon to render a strong opinion, but for the few days I have had it, it seems to work and does what I had hoped.

    thumb Owen B McCullen
  •   I was having difficulty connecting with my hi-speed modem. I was getting a message that it was missing a driver. I purchased DriverSupport but it did not remedy that problem, but it did find many drivers that were out of date and updated all of them. I will live with connecting to the internet via wi-fi. I'm sure that DriverSupport can't cure all ills.I do like the message that pops up telling me that DriverSupport had updated all my drivers after it performs this task.

    thumb Gary Robertson

      So far so good. Everything works. Have needed new driver for awhile not knowing it.

    thumb Pat Spanjer
  •   Did not fix my printer driver. My error message is driver not available. The driver is there. Then it only shows my HP Envy as a fax and scanner no printer. $29.95 wasted.

    thumb James Wasiura

      My little old HP Laser Jet P1005 printer, which has had only light use, only worked spasmodically when I replaced by 32 bit computer with a 64 bit one. The DriverSupport update fixed it.

    thumb David Greig

Driver Support with Active Optimization can assist your search for drivers at the respective manufacturers’ website for free. Driver Support’s full driver update functionality requires registration subscription and provides accurate drivers in an easy and convenient method for only $9.99/month.

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Driver Support with Active Optimization Earns AppEsteem Certification

Driver Support has reaffirmed its commitment to providing safe and clean software to consumers by offering the first software application certified by AppEsteem (https://customer.appesteem.com/vendors/DRVHQ/161104-PEF-DRVHQ-00001). Driver Support achieved the AppEsteem certification after its app, Driver Support with Active Optimization, satisfied the […]

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Early Adopter of the Clean Software Alliance

Driver Support has clearly stated its ongoing commitment to providing safe and clean software to consumers since opening its doors in 1996. As a part of that commitment we determined early on that it was imperative to support and engage […]


Driver Support provides an innovative way to diagnose issues with your PC, resolve those issues through support and driver matching technology, and optimize your PC’s performance.

Device Drivers Available
Scans a Day
New & Updated Drivers per Week


Driver Support’s access to a robust, industry leading database makes it the most accurate driver and software matching system available. Our matching technology means you never have to worry about whether your driver is the correct one for your device.


Archive your PC’s driver download information and backup with the click of a button. Log in from other PCs and backup driver and software information from that machine.


Have an issue concerning your device drivers that requires further research? Contact our expert support staff via email or chat with our live support team anytime for in-depth problem solving and resolution.

Just Some Of The Benefits We Can Provide

  • Driver Scanning Technology w/ OEM Model Matching
  • Driver Intelligence Database w/ Over 26 Million Drivers
  • Customizable User Interface & Preference Settings
  • Cutting-edge, Secure .NET Framework Providing The Best Possible User Experience
  • Integrated Tier 1 & 2 Support w/ Knowledgebase & Crowd-Sourcing Technology
  • Patented Enterprise Level Technology, Integrated Into Consumer Product
  • Keep Your Computer Running At Its Best!
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Plus with the inclusion of Active Optimization you not only keep your devices updated but you get the most out of your system with additional optimizations.
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