Logitech G Expands Gamers Choices with New PRO X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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For professional gamers and e-sports enthusiasts, the difference between keyboards can make or break your performance. As your gaming style develops and improves, you’ll need a rig that you can customize for different games or strategies. The Logitech G range of computer peripherals is a family of products specifically designed with professional gaming in mind.

Although users were already satisfied with the G Range of products, the release of the PRO X Mechanical Keyboard provides a travel-friendly, reliable, and customizable platform for pro-gamers. With a host of features (and switchable keys), the new Logitech G PRO X mechanical gaming keyboard will improve your performance when you need it most.

Logitech G PRO X Keyboard

Logitech G PRO X Keyboard Features and Specifications

The PRO X Keyboard comes packed with features that help improve your performance. As a Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard, its size will suit any gaming desk or setup with a small physical footprint. With ROMER-G mechanical switches, it comes with improved key registration that is 1.7 milliseconds quicker than the standard mechanical switching of previous models. Keystrokes also only require 1.5 mm for actuation, giving you a 25% faster response time than other competitive mechanical switch keyboards.

Every key in the Logitech G PRO X uses dual contact points on the switches to reduce errors such as double-click registration. This makes it one of the most reliable gaming keyboards available and you can ensure it will continue giving you the best performance as its reliability is tested for up to 70 million keystrokes.

PRO X Layout

Logitech built the PRO X on the back of the already successful G PRO space-saving TKL platform’s design. Making it easier for gamers to pack up the keyboard and take it to and from tournaments while providing more space for low-sensitivity mouse settings. With onboard RGB lighting profiles included and a detachable micro-USB connector, the PRO X delivers greater reliability and you can adapt the switches to your own unique requirements.

Additional Features include:

  • A 26-Key rollover design for fast and accurate move actuation.
  • Keystroke Signal Processing (KSP) with 10 milliseconds faster response times than competitors.
  • LIGTHSYNCH RGB technology for next-gen lighting synchronization customizable for different content and games.
  • Full key assignment customization to disable unused keys that reduce typing errors.
  • Button macros for F1 to F12 keys where you can assign complex moves using G HUB profile manager.

For a reliable connection, the detachable USB uses a three-pronged design that includes support arms to maintain a clear connection between the keyboard and PC. The base comes with three different angle settings for the perfect setup and uses rubber feet to provide complete stability during gaming sessions.

Angle and USB Connection

Detailed Specifications for the Logitech G Pro X Mechanical Keyboard

As Logitech specifically designed this keyboard for professional gamers, knowing the exact specifications is vital before you decide to use this platform. The keyboard comes with a two-year warranty and support for Windows 7 or later, as well as Mac OS X or later. To set up the G HUB software and drivers, you’ll need an internet connection to download the latest version from the Logitech website.

The entire keyboard weighs only 980g and has a total depth of only 34.3mm. The actuation distance of 1.5mm and a full travel distance of 3.4mm provides for the quickest response time of any Logitech keyboard. Each key-press also only requires 45 grams of pressure, ensuring you won’t get tired during your next E-Sports competition.

Height and Width

There are also a wide variety of switch sets to choose from with different feedback types and actuation depths. Designing your custom keyboard rig with the Logitech G PRO X mechanical keyboard is now easier than ever before, giving you greater control over response times and the audio feedback required during your professional gaming sessions.

Downloading and Installing Logitech G HUB Software

To take full advantage of the PRO X keyboard, you’ll need to install the G HUB software from Logitech’s website. On the keyboard’s page of the site, you can click on the Support link to access all the latest software, guides, and product information.

Downloading G HUB software from Logitech Website

  1. On the Logitech website, click on the Support link.
Access Support Page
  1. On the Support page, click on the Downloads section to see the latest available software.
Access Downloads Section
  1. Now select the latest installer package and start the download by clicking on the link.
Start G HUB Download

Note that the website will automatically detect your current Operating System (OS) and provide you with the appropriate download link. If you need to change the OS for another PC, you can scroll down and select another version of G HUB.

Select Different OS

Start the G HUB Software Installer

  1. Wait for the download to complete, then access the file from your download folder. You can now double-click on the installer to start the installation process.
Start G HUB Installer
  1. On the End User License Agreement (EULA) screen, click Install to continue.
Install G HUB Software

Note, if you would like to read the EULA, just click on the End User License Agreement link. That will open up a tab in your internet browser and provide you with the EULA in a variety of different languages.

  1. Once you click on Install, the software will download the entire G HUB package from Logitech’s servers and you can track the progress on the screen.
Track Installation Progress
  1. After downloading and installing the software, you can select Install and Launch to finish the installation process.
Install and Launch
  1. Once the software launches, you may receive a prompt about your firewall blocking access to certain features. Select the appropriate option to create an exception rule for your Windows firewall.
Create Firewall Exception

Note that it is not considered as good practice to allow firewall exceptions on Public Networks. If you chose this option, ensure you understand the risks involved.

  1. Click Allow Access once you’ve made the necessary selection.
Grant Firewall Access to G HUB Agent

Troubleshooting Your Logitech G PRO X Keyboard

Once you’ve successfully installed the software, follow the on-screen prompts to start configuring your Logitech gear. If you’ve installed the software previously and only recently purchased your Logitech G PRO X mechanical keyboard, you’ll need to update the software to the latest version.

If you face any issues with G HUB not recognizing your keyboard, you may need to update the driver from your device manager.

  1. To open Device Manager, hit the Windows Key and type Device Manager into the search bar. From the results, select Device Manager.
Open Device Manager
  1. Locate the Keyboard section and expand it by clicking on the arrow.
Expand Keyboard Devices
  1. Select the LG Keyboard from the list and click the Right Hand Mouse Button to open the Context Menu. Select the Update Driver option from the list.
Update Keyboard Driver
  1. Select Update Driver Automatically to let Windows search for updated drivers and install the latest driver update.
Update Logitech Keyboard Driver Automatically
  1. If Windows finds updated drivers, it will download and install them for you. However, if you’re already using the latest drivers from Logitech you’ll be notified that there are no updated drivers available.
Latest Driver Installed

Using Driver Support to Manage All Your Gaming Gear Drivers

Instead of manually checking for the latest device drivers from your Device Manager, you can use Driver Support to manage all your drivers for you. Driver Support creates a detailed inventory of your PC’s devices and downloads the latest drivers as the OEM releases updates. Once you’ve installed and registered the application, it will ensure you always use the latest secure drivers for all your devices.

Driver Support also uses patented Active Optimization technology and Machine Matching to ensure your PC continues to run at optimal performance levels. By drilling down to the device-specific settings, Driver Support will eliminate any performance issues, ensure you use the latest drivers with OEM security patches and provide you with peace of mind during your gaming and streaming sessions.

Improve your gaming experiences and ensure your Logitech G PRO X mechanical keyboard operates at optimal performance levels by downloading and installing Driver Support today