What Is Driver Support?

Driver Support provides automated computer driver updates, saving the average PC user hours of frustration caused by computer issues.

  • Optimize CPU Usage

  • Prioritize Network Throughput

  • Improve System Memory Management

  • Reduce I/O Device Latency


How Driver Support Works

Driver Support leverages automated software to fix the most common issues that a computer user experiences due to out of date device drivers. We are the only software on the market that matches the driver based on the specific make and model machine of the consumer;  other companies only match on date/version of drivers which do not provide the optimal driver recommended by the manufacturer of the PC.

While drivers can be obtained for free from their respective hardware manufacturers, the process of finding, selecting, and installing this software  takes time and often expert knowledge to resolve the issue correctly. Driver Support is the solution for the everyday PC user to keep their devices running smoothly.

Driver Support Software Features

Our software correctly identifies your PC’s manufacturer, model number and important information like physical memory, computer processor model, motherboard model and even your BIOS information.

We provide you with an accurate list of new driver updates that can be downloaded free from the PC or device manufacturer website.

Our free Driver Monitoring Service provides you with future PC and device driver updates as they become available from the manufacturer website.

Quickly identity and assess, online, driver updates that are available specifically for your PC’s manufacturer and model.
Our API framework allows developers to integrate their web sites, software, and testing equipment with Driver Support. Developers can strengthen their own software by integrating directly with the Driver Support database using our SDK.

We coordinate with all types of development, from small teams to enterprise-level, standards-based projects.

Archive your PC’s driver download information and backup with the click of a button. Log in from other PCs and backup driver and software information from that machine. Access all the information in our easy to use Account page. Driver Support empowers you with information about all updates and changes made to your system’s device drivers.