Get to Know Driver Support

Don’t Have Disk? No problem, with Driver Support you’ll never get stuck there again.

Driver Support Actively Optimizes and Updates all your PC Hardware Drivers

By drilling down into the nitty gritty details of your PC, Driver Support will catalog your hardware devices and scour the manufacturer’s databases to retrieve only the correct drivers that your PC actually needs.

Although most PC’s hardware configurations are alike – especially on the component level – the different manufacturers each have their own flavor when it comes to the drivers. This is especially true when it comes to the Computer’s BIOS, which can determine which features are enabled/disabled in the Windows Operating System.

Headquartered in Austin,Texas, we’ve been focused on the customer’s convenience since 1996. If you’ve ever got stuck at the “Have Disk” section of Windows’ Add New Hardware Wizard or had to navigate for hours through obscurely named driver files on a vendor’s disk, you would know that sometimes finding the correct driver for your hardware is a complex, time-consuming and often fruitless exercise.

With Driver Support, this waste of time is eradicated.

We employ a Software First Technical Service that automates your PC’s optimization tasks. The Customer’s Ease-Of-Use is our primary concern. We strive to deliver the updates you require before you even know you needed them.

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The 7 Main Elements of Our Service

Machine Matching means we eliminate generic drivers from your system. Although generic drivers may do the job that’s necessary, they usually only provide the minimum functionality required by a device. By removing generic drivers from your machine, your system will operate more smoothly and with reduced device failures.

You remain in control by choosing what to update. Driver Support will notify you of new, updated drivers that have been released and allow you to choose when to install them.

By monitoring your drivers, Driver Support will ensure you eliminate security exploits as they become known. Vendors and Original Equipment Manufacturers regularly find areas in their software which can be exploited by nefarious individuals.

They will plug these gaps and release new, safer drivers for their equipment. These drivers will immediately be available for you to install and secure your system.

By actively monitoring your system, any new devices that are installed will be updated with the latest, required drivers. You will never have to run the Add New Hardware Wizard again.

The ability to integrate any networked infrastructure with Driver Support allows developers and IT administrators to manage their systems within an enterprise. Stage updates and utilize single repositories to ensure each networked node is optimal and efficient.

Our real-time device monitoring ensures that we deliver to our protection promise on a continuous basis.  So you know your productivity will be improved.

Driver Support allows you to archive any existing configuration of your PC and revert back to that configuration in the event that a major change causes unexpected issues.

You can also do this remotely from another PC, giving you complete control over the security and functionality of your system.

Is Driver Support Safe?

We are a premium solution, so you will not receive any unwanted utilities or Shareware with our software. We seek to establish a more secure, robust and efficient operating experience for our customers that always virus-free.

In addition to this, we are certified as Trusted by AppEsteem which ensures we deliver the highest quality, safe and trusted software to our customers.

Download Driver Support Today to radically improve your PC’s performance and safety.