Driver Support with Active Optimization Earns AppEsteem Certification

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Driver Support has reaffirmed its commitment to providing safe and clean software to consumers by offering the first software application certified by AppEsteem ( Driver Support achieved the AppEsteem certification after its app, Driver Support with Active Optimization, satisfied the most comprehensive, consumer-protection oriented guidelines ever developed in the software monetization industry.

With the certification of our app by AppEsteem, we intend to send a clear message,” said Bogdan Odulinski, Driver Support’s Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, “that people can trust how our app works, how it’s marketed, and the value statements we’ve made about it. We are proud of this recognition, and look forward to working in partnership with both AppEsteem and the anti-virus community to bring more clean and valuable apps to consumers.

Driver Support was in close contact with AppEsteem soon after the Seattle-area company began offering certification services, and Driver Support worked diligently to become the first software vendor to comply with AppEsteem’s review and approval process (for more, see

About AppEsteem

Founded and led by former cybersecurity executives at Microsoft, AppEsteem is dedicated to a simple vision: “Consumers have nothing to fear when installing and using free apps on their computing devices.” The company offers technology and services to help the software monetization industry thrive by encouraging the development and distribution of clean apps, while discouraging fraudulent practices that harm consumers. AppEsteem works with leaders across the industry, including software vendors, large software platforms, and anti-malware companies.

Realizing our vision means putting consumers at the center of everything we do,” said Dennis Batchelder, President of AppEsteem. “Driver Support embraced this approach from the outset, and we’re delighted that their app has met our rigorous standards.