How to Easily Update A Device Driver

The first step you need to do is start the Driver Support  software on your PC. It should already be installed (If you need to reinstall the software CLICK HERE). You can launch by either going to your Windows Start (Programs) menu on your taskbar, then navigating to Driver Support OR you can click the button below to launch the application directly.

Steps to Easily Update a Driver

Launch the application on your PC by either navigating to Windows Start menu and selecting Driver Support or by clicking the “Launch Desktop Software” button.

Click the menu item labeled “Drivers” at the top of the application as shown here:

Once the list of all your device drivers is shown you can then select the specific device driver you want to update or repair. Drivers that need to be updated are listed at the top of the list automatically and have the option to download or install:

Next, after you have selected the device driver you wish to update or repair, click the “Install” button on the right side as shown here, this will start the specific driver update for that device (Note if the driver is not downloaded yet that button will say “Download” and you can then download the driver and install:

Driver Support will automatically start the process of downloading the correct device driver for you and launching the driver installation software. Some drivers are larger than others and may take some time to download. Please be patient and you can also contact support at any time for assistance.

Once the driver software is completed Driver Support will let you know that the device is updated. Sometimes a reboot of your PC is required. Also, you can then move on to installing any further device drivers that we have detected are missing or out-of-date by repeating the above steps.