FBI recommends ad blocker to fight malicious search engine advertising

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DriverSupport’s PageBoost aligns with bureau’s suggested protection against cybercriminals

The benefits of using an ad blocker, like DriverSupport’s Pageboost, are quickly becoming more apparent. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US recently warned the public that cyber criminals are using search engine advertisements to steal login credentials and other financial information.

These malicious ads usually appear above your search results in Google and Bing, impersonating legitimate websites. Clicking on these ads take users to websites prompting them to provide login credentials, which the cybercriminals use to steals the victim’s funds. Some of these websites even contain a link to download software that is, in fact, malware.

“These advertisements have also been used to impersonate websites involved in finances, particularly cryptocurrency exchange platforms,” the FBI said in its Public Service Announcement. “These malicious sites appear to be real exchange platforms and prompt users to enter login credentials and financial information, giving criminal actors access to steal funds.”

DriverSupport’s added safety features include PageBoost ad blocker that provides users with the necessary safety features recommended by the FBI. These features include blocking unwanted ads and deceptive advertisers.  As an added feature, DriverSupport’s DNS protection powered by Quad9 technology stops more than 60,000 malicious websites each month for its existing customers.  This service goes above and beyond just ad blocking to provide even more protection for consumers.

As an added benefit with PageBoost, many of the most popular webpages load on average 48% faster by blocking ads and limiting exposure to advertisers with your private information. You can see the difference in the screenshots below which show the before and after when using PageBoost:

PageBoost Ad Blocker

DriverSupport provides added protection to your existing anti-virus platform, which does not block malicious ads online. By leveraging this added protection of DriverSupport you also enjoy the great speed benefits of PageBoost, trimming out the fat of websites so you get to the content you want faster and safer than ever before.