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Why Is Roblox Not Working?

Roblox, an online gaming and game development platform that has gained incredible popularity in the last couple of years, started primarily as a platform for children who enjoy simple games with attractive graphics. But as its development arm grew and became more known for its simplicity (the scripting language used in the platform is Lua, a lightweight, high-level, embeddable programming language that is easier to learn and understand compared to others) and robust technical support, game developers – self-taught and professionals – flocked to the platform, spurring further growth of the platform’s games and users. 

With Roblox game creators earning thousands of dollars annually (some earning over a million), investing time and energy into creating games on the platform can eventually pay off. But like any online development platform, creators may experience bugs and issues when using Roblox. So whether you’re a creator or player, Roblox not working is far from ideal.

In this article, we’ll discuss some possible reasons and solutions so that when troubles arise, you won’t just wonder, “Why is Roblox not working?” Instead, you’ll know what to do to make it work.

roblox not working

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Why Is Roblox Not Working: 2022 Tips and Fixes

There can be many reasons why Roblox is not working, but the fix is usually an easy one. So here are a few simple fixes you can try whenever it refuses to launch.

1. Restart Your Computer
Rebooting a computer ends all programs and background processes that are running. It is essentially starting over with a clean slate – all apps that eat up RAM are shut off, and temporary files are cleared out. Your computer can then run faster and open Roblox without hindrances.

restart computer
Why isn’t Roblox working even after restarting your computer? That means the issue isn’t because your computer is bogged down with applications and programs that are simultaneously running, eating up power and RAM. Instead, the problem could be your browser.

2. Update and Clean Up Your Web Browser
Why isn’t Roblox working even after restarting your computer? That means the issue isn’t because your computer is bogged down with applications and programs that are simultaneously running, eating up power and RAM. Instead, the problem could be your browser. 

Roblox can roll out system updates that require the latest version of the browser you’re using, so check if your web browser is long overdue for an update. If that still doesn’t work, try switching to a different browser.

One final tip regarding browsers is to clear the cache. As with rebooting your computer, deleting temporary files and cookies removes unnecessary background processes that eat up valuable data.

3. Reset Your Internet Settings Using Microsoft Edge
If fixing the browser still doesn’t work, there’s yet another thing you can do if you play on a desktop computer: reset your Internet settings.You can do this with Microsoft Edge:

  • Click on the settings icon (three vertical dots) in the window’s top right corner, then select “Reset Settings” from the left menu.
  • Click on “Restore settings to their default values.” Another window will open, confirming if you intend to reset your Internet Explorer settings.
  • Click the Reset button, and you may close the Edge window.

Once done, try opening Roblox again to see if it works.

What if the person asking, “Why is Roblox not working?” is using a Mac computer? Will resetting IE also work? Yes, it should. This technique originally involved resetting Internet settings using Internet Explorer (IE). However, Microsoft officially discontinued IE on all platforms in June 2022 and encouraged all users to switch to Microsoft Edge. Fortunately, Edge also works well for Mac computers.

reset settings

reset settings


4. Allow Permissions to Open Links for Roblox

While on Microsoft Edge, you can check if it allows your computer to open links associated with Roblox. 

Click on the settings icon again. On the search bar, type “Application links” and check if Roblox game links are set to open. The settings should state that it will “Automatically open Roblox-player links” with the Roblox domain shown underneath. 

If Roblox is not on the list, try opening your Roblox game on Microsoft Edge. If it refuses to launch, the window will show the message, “This site is trying to open Roblox.” A checkbox should be underneath that will “Always allow” Roblox links in the app. Check the box, then click the Open button. 

What if Roblox is already on the list of set-to-open links? Why is Roblox still not working? It could be a minor bug; try deleting the link, then re-adding it by launching Roblox on Edge, as instructed above.

allow permissions

5. Allow Security Permissions for Roblox

If you recently installed an antivirus software or firewall on your computer, it could be the one blocking Roblox. Explore your security permissions and see if you can grant permissions for the app or browser links. If not, you can temporarily disable your computer security program, but that will be a risk you should be willing to take.

security permissions

6. Reinstall the Roblox Desktop App

An age-old strategy to make desktop applications work is to uninstall and then reinstall the problematic app. This is yet another way to clean the slate and eliminate bloatware and other issues that prevent Roblox from working.

uninstall roblox

Here are other fixes you can try if none of the tips above works:

  • Log out of your account, then log in again.
  • Run Roblox as an Administrator.
  • Delete the AppData folder for Roblox.
  • If you’re using VPN, turn it off. 
  • Disable browser extensions.
  • Reset your computer’s TCP-IP settings.

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Computer applications like Roblox sometimes don’t function properly because the device or the program itself is not up to date. It’s easy to overlook updates because developers roll them out often and sometimes fast. So it’s no longer surprising that a new one is ready to download immediately after you update your app or device. 

Still, checking for updates and keeping an eye on technical issues like proxy settings, browser settings, etc., is necessary. But it takes time. Moreover, the average computer user isn’t aware of these technical matters. So if you consider yourself one, it will help to have a reliable system that will do all of these things, including troubleshooting, for you.

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