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How to Increase FPS on DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a great game, but choppy visuals from poor frame rates can blemish the experience. Fortunately, we have just the trick to give your FPS (frames per second) the boost they need for smooth gameplay.

How To Increase Frames Per Second On DOTA 2

Raising your FPS is a sure way to make DOTA 2 run smoother than ever and give you pleasing and seamless visuals during gameplay.

Here are some tips on how to increase your FPS and optimize your driver updates so that you won’t have to tinker with your frames per second again.

Checking System Performance

When experiencing lagging visuals, the first thing you should do is to check your system performance.

Run the performance details against DOTA 2’s recommended system requirements. Also, be sure to check the game files and make sure they are all accounted for and uncorrupted.

Manually Increase FPS on DOTA 2

  1. At the main screen, select the Gear (top left).
  2. Go into Advanced Options.
  3. Enable the Display Network Information Option.

At the main screen, select the Gear (top left).

Go into Advanced Options.

Enable the Display Network Information Option.

After seeing your current FPS level, you can start making improvements and keep checking it as the level goes up.

While you can certainly perform device driver updates manually, it is not particularly advisable. Manual updates are:

  • Tedious
  • Frustrating
  • Wasteful

The time involved in manually updating all of your device drivers can be enough to push someone over the edge when they have to keep track of multiple drivers and keep them all updated.

The time required to do this is also a factor that makes it impractical to do the updates manually. In today’s busy world you have much more important things to do.

For many, work days are getting longer which leaves even less time to do the things you enjoy like playing DOTA 2 and other video games that would require the same device driver updates to keep running smoothly without choppy gameplay or experiencing crashes.

Lower Your Settings

Even if you have an excellent computer, lowering your graphics settings can maintain a high framerate, even amidst plenty of spells and projectiles being displayed on your screen.

DOTA 2 Video Settings for Best Performance

Turning your Game Screen Render Quality (Video Settings) down and changing your Maximum frames per second allowed to your monitor’s refresh rate will make for a smooth performing game.

Turning your Game Screen Render Quality (Video Settings)

How Updating Your Drivers Can Enhance Your FPS

You should make sure that your drivers are updated as frequently as possible. This will help enhance your FPS and provide a smooth gaming experience without the nuisance of glitch visuals.

Keeping your device drivers updated is key to maintaining the high FPS required to get the best gameplay out of games like DOTA 2.

The Importance of Having a High FPS Level

The importance of having a high FPS level goes beyond fixing some fluidity issues in DOTA 2. The number of problems that can occur from having a low FPS level can drive a gamer mad.

DOTA 2 is, of course, not the only game affected by low FPS levels. Almost any other video game is going to be tough to play when you have a low FPS.

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Frames per second are crucial to sustaining crisp, fluid gameplay and can also help prevent crashes. Video games that crash frequently can sometimes be crashing because of the same outdated device drivers and subsequently low FPS that.

This issue has the same solution. Updating drivers automatically via software like Driver Support.

Driver Support Keeps DOTA 2 and Your Other Games Running at Peak Performance

Don’t waste time you could spend playing DOTA 2 on manual driver updates. Install Driver Support and make an account with them to make manual device driver updates a thing of the past.

They take the hassle out of it and keep your drivers fully updated automatically so that you can keep on playing without having to be bothered with pesky PC maintenance tasks.

Driver Support has been a trusted name since 1996 and can take care of all your device driver updates worry free.

Install the software and enjoy countless hours of gameplay, at the FPS you need, without having to perform manual updates.