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Increase FPS on Rust

Rust is one of the most unique video games out there and offers hours of action-packed gameplay that’s sure to delight. That is, unless your frames per second are too low. With an insufficient FPS rate, your gaming experience will be markedly less enjoyable.

FPS optimization Rust

Some Background Info on Rust and Why FPS Is Important

Rust takes some of the best elements from megahit games like the Fallout series and puts a refreshing twist on it that makes it feel like it’s more than just a spinoff. Gamers love that kind of quality, and they crave it, but unless some of you bump up your FPS, you won’t be getting the full experience.

Playing Rust without a high enough FPS rate doesn’t do it justice at all. The biggest problem with playing games like Rust with a low FPS is choppiness that makes it look like there’s a glitch when really it’s just your machine.

Performance Optimizations for Rust, What’s Your FPS?

To start you off, let’s pull up your FPS on Rust and see just how bad it is. To do this, fire up the client game and hit F1.

Next, you’ll want to type in, “perf 1” and look for a number in the lower left corner. The number that you see represents your FPS on Rust only and does not pertain to any other video game you’ve run.

Performance Optimizations for Rust

Now that you know what your FPS level is, you can proceed to start making adjustments that will bump it up enough to offer a smoother and ultimately more enjoyable experience. Try these performance optimizations for Rust.
One of the easiest ways to increase your FPS is by turning off some of the more intensive features that can be dragging it down or putting a strain on your machine.

Press F1 again and bring up your Rust menu.

Then start turning off some of the more taxing features, such as:

  • Anti-alias
  • Motion Blur
  • Full Reflections
  • Terrain Quality

These features are some of the most taxing on your PC and reducing them will help your FPS as well as provide smoother more fluid gameplay. In adition to Rust, increasing your FPS can make all of your games run smoother.

Adjust the Screen Resolution

Another thing you can do to improve your FPS and make Rust run better on your machine is to adjust your screen resolution. You’ll want to select a resolution that’s somewhere in the middle and avoid going too high or too low.

While you’ve got that menu up, you can go ahead and adjust the graphics quality and turn it to a lower setting.

A similar solution would be to decrease the graphics quality, which will result in lower quality graphics but will also help out your FPS and make the game run much smoother. You can do this from the same menu after pressing F1.

That’s more of a compromise though, so before you start downgrading your graphics, check out these other tips.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Upgrading your hardware will have one of the most dramatic effects on your FPS. Rust, and video games in general, tax a few key components of your PC and upgrading them can make a huge difference in your gameplay.

The first hardware component to consider upgrading is your CPU. Robust games like Rust can overclock older or less resilient processors which make it a smart choice to spring for a CPU that can handle the game.

The other most important piece of computer hardware you’ll want to upgrade is your graphics card or GPU.

Make Sure Your Device Drivers Are Updated

One of the most common and overlooked causes of poor FPS is having severely outdated drivers. Device drivers are special software programs that help your computer hardware function properly. Any issues with your drivers, especially when they have become outdated, you can suffer from several PC performance problems. These same problems can also be what’s stopping you from achieving a sufficient FPS to play Rust like a pro.

Outdated drivers can cause all kinds of problems; they can even make your screen go black! That can happen when the driver for your PC monitor is severely outdated.

The solution is, of course, to update them and keep them updated without fail. Doing this yourself, however, is a Herculean task and is honestly not worth the time. Manual updates suck up time like nobody’s business and can make you want to scream at your computer. That’s because without considerable technical expertise, manually updating PC drivers is rather difficult and woefully unintuitive.

For starters you’d have to pull up your Device Manager.

Then you’d have to right click on each of your devices, hit Properties, and update the drivers for all of them individually. You can see how tedious that would be.

The best thing you can do in these situations is to install software to keep your drivers updated automatically. Just install a secure program like Driver Support, and you’re good to go.

Install Driver Support Today and Experience Rust at Pique Performance

Helpful programs like Driver Support can make a huge difference in your gameplay experience and make games like Rust shine even brighter no pun intended. It’s important to remember that video games aren’t just a pastime; they’re an experience. Making that experience a good one is just one of the many things that Driver Support can do for you. In fact, Driver Support has been helping keep PCs running smoothly since 1996.

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