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Increase FPS on Warframe

Warframe is arguably one of the most unique games out there which makes it a must-have. Not only is it free-to-play, but the co-op game has also continuously been adding new improvements and new content like underwater battles that keep the fun going.

However, Warframe isn’t much fun when your FPS, or frames per second, are too low to keep up. Here’s how to raise your FPS and what you need to know about how driver updates can optimize performance on games like Warframe.

What You Need to Know About Frames Per Second

Your FPS will determine how smoothly your games will run on your machine. An FPS that is insufficient for the game you are playing, like Warframe for example, will result in choppy graphics with sluggish gameplay.

To prevent hours of unnecessary frustration, try these tips on how to increase your FPS, and how to improve Warframe’s overall performance on your PC.

Beefing Up Your FPS, One of the Best Performance Optimizations for Warframe

As a free co-op game, Warframe has some amazing gameplay and sports impressive graphics.

To get your FPS up to par with games like Warframe, there are a number of things you can do. Keep in mind that your hardware will have a lot to do with your gaming experience and potential FPS.

Processing Power

Your processing power is one of the most important factors in optimizing your Warframe gameplay experience. For the smoothest experience, you should have a processor of at least 2.13 GHz.

Other Performance Optimizations for Warframe

While processing power and RAM are both important factors for your potential FPS and making Warframe more enjoyable, updating outdated drivers can also improve your experience.

Free Up Memory

One of the other things you should do to make Warframe run smoother on your PC is to free up your memory by clearing other active programs that are sucking up valuable RAM.

All in all, the most important things to know are that your processor, RAM, and device drivers are the most important aspects of improving Warframe’s performance on your machine.

There are some simple ways to free up memory and disk space for more fluid gameplay.

Start by opening up your Control Panel on Windows.

Next, you’ll want to open up System and Security which you can find on the top left of the Control Panel screen.

Now that you’re in System and Security, click on Free Disk Space under Administrative Tools. You can find it at the bottom of the System Security screen.

At this point, after you click OK, your hard drive will be cleaned up, freeing more disk space which will make playing Warframe easier. Your gameplay will be markedly improved as the game won’t be so sluggish and will run much smoother.

However, freeing up disk space and procuring the appropriate hardware for your PC is not all you can do to make your Warframe experience a great one. Keeping your drivers updated is also an extremely important part of optimizing your Warframe experience. Not only does this make playing Warframe smoother, but it also affects other games as well as your system’s overall performance.

How Outdated Device Drivers Can Disrupt Your Gameplay

One of the factors that many non-technical people commonly overlook is outdated device drivers. A device driver is a special software component that helps your computer hardware work properly. Common problems associated with outdated drivers are blank screens, as when the driver for your monitor becomes sufficiently outdated, or sluggishness on games like Warframe.

Keeping your drivers routinely updated is one of the most effective ways to prevent PC problems and gameplay issues on Warframe.

Why You Should Opt for Automatic Driver Update Software

Now that you know how important having updated drivers can be for your gameplay experience on Warframe, you’ll want to keep them updated, but what’s the best way? For one thing, you’ll definitely not want to go through the laborious process of updating the drivers manually. Doing it yourself is not only excruciatingly tedious, it’s exceptionally frustrating. It is also entirely unnecessary.

Using software tools like Driver Support, your drivers will be automatically updated without having to lift a finger.

Get Driver Support for the Ultimate Warframe Experience

Driver Support is the most practical solution for issues with Warframe like sluggishness that causes poor gameplay. As a software solution, Driver Support is both simple and effective.

Installing Driver Support is one of the easiest ways to improve your gaming experience. Not only with Warframe, but also with virtually any other PC game as the benefits of automatic driver updates go a long way.

You can rest easy without having to worry about the frustrations of performing tedious manual driver updates and Warframe will run smoother than ever.

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