Driver Support/ knowledgebase/ “Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found” Error Message After Windows 10 Update

“Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found” Error Message After Windows 10 Update

When your computer installs Windows 10 or updates Windows 10 software, drivers that are necessary to run additional programs or devices on your PC may be overwritten, deleted or damaged.

Or, your drivers are simply outdated and you need to reinstall the updated version.

When this happens, and you try to use your drawing tablet, you will see an error message:

“Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found”

There are two easy solutions that typically resolve this problem, but we’ve included additional troubleshooting methods in case you are still having issues.

Restart Wacom Tablet Service

A quick solution is often a simple reset. These are the steps you need to take to restart your tablet service:

1.  Open your Windows Task window and type in “services


2. This will open a long list of services your computer runs. Scroll through until you are able to locate the name of your Tablet Service. Typically this is called “TabletServiceWacom” but it might also be listed as: Wacom Professional Service, Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service or Wacom Consumer Service.

3. Right click on the service and click “restart”

Click Restart

Update or Reinstall Outdated Drivers

If restarting the tablet service did not work for you, you likely need to reinstall or update the drivers on your PC device so that your tablet can work.

This is typically the reason that users experience this error, and fortunately the fix can be fairly simple if you are comfortable with manually locating and installing computer drivers.

Driver Support has a great tool that will automatically locate and update the drivers you need. Give DriverSupport | ONE a try today! to see if you are missing drivers that your tablet requires to run here.

To update the drivers yourself, start by making sure your tablet is not connected or plugged into your PC.

Next, try updating the drivers within device manager by clicking on:

Device Manager -> Human Interface Devices -> Wacom Tablet

Right click on the Wacom Tablet and select “Update drivers.”

driver update

You will see the option to automatically search and update drivers, select this to see if Windows can automatically update the drivers for you.

Search Automatically for update driver software

Restart your computer and connect your tablet again. If you see the “Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found” error again, don’t worry!

You might have to locate the driver manually.

Search for the latest driver on the Wacom manufacturer site (make sure it’s a source that you trust, directly from the manufacturer) and download it to your computer.

Follow the steps above by going to Device Manager -> Human Interface Devices -> Wacom Tablet.

However, after you click update drivers, select the “Browse my computer for driver software” option and browse for the actual driver.

search computer for driver software

After you re-install and update this driver, restart your computer and then connect or plug in Wacom device.

These steps typically resolve the issue for most users.