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Sharp Monitor Not Working

Own a Sharp monitor and can’t get it to work properly?

It could be the monitor – but it could be your graphics card. To diagnose what the issue is, we’re going to go through a series of quick questions and tests to try to figure out what the issue is, and how you can fix it.

Sharp monitor not working

Test If Your Video Cables Work

If the monitor is receiving power, but you’re still not receiving a signal, it could be an issue with a frayed or malfunctioning video cable.

Can you use the cable with another device?

If you’re using an HDMI cable, try it with your TV and any console, BluRay player, or Apple TV you have.

If the cable doesn’t work there either, it could be a faulty HDMI cable – a much easier replacement than replacing your whole Sharp monitor.

If you use VGA, DVI, or Display Port and don’t have another device to connect to the monitor, try buying a replacement cable or using a different cable hookup to make sure that the cable or the port isn’t the issue.

Worst case scenario, you have a spare cable for later.

Is Your Sharp Monitor Properly Powered?

It may seem like a simple error, but if you have pets or if you’ve had any sort of power issue, you may have damaged power cables. It happens more often than you’d think!

Try testing the power cable with another device to make sure the cable works.

If the monitor is plugged into a power strip, make sure the power strip works. Again, might seem like a simple mistake – but when a monitor fails, try everything before replacing it.

Is there a standby light when the monitor is plugged in? Does toggling the power make anything happen?

Do you have any other devices you can use that cable with? Does the cable power those devices? If not, replace the cable.

If the power is working to everything else, but the monitor still isn’t working, it could be the power cable for your Sharp monitor.

See if replacing the Sharp Power Cable fixes the issue. You can call or contact Sharp to get a replacement power cable.

See If Another Display Works

If you don’t have a spare monitor on hand, this test might be a little more difficult – but most modern computers have an HDMI hookup.

Try hooking into an HDMI display, such as your television, to see if it’s a software or hardware issue. Do you get a response from the TV?

If so, your monitor may be at fault – in which case, you’ll probably have to reach out to Sharp to get a new one.

Graphics Card Problem

If you’ve tested all the previous things and they all seem to point to the monitor working, the cables working, and the power working – that probably means it’s a graphics card problem.

You’ll need to update your Graphics Card drivers first to make sure that’s not an issue.

If updating drivers does not fix the issue, you may need to get a replacement graphics card. Many people don’t have spares just sitting around, but if you do, try a different card to see if the monitor works with it.

If it does, contact your manufacturer and see if you can get a replacement or a refurbished card at a discount.

Many manufacturers have a limited warranty, so see if you still have your receipt lying around to be able to get a replacement!