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PUBG Crash & Frame Problems on an Nvidia Card

PUBG is an incredibly popular Battle Royale shooter game on PC and select consoles – but since it’s initial release, has been littered with bugs and performance issues.

Even gamers with top-of-the-line computers get a fraction of the frame rate they do on other games. As time has gone on from its original early-access release, the game’s performance has improved, but bugs happen.

Since any video game’s performance is dependent on so many different factors, it’s common to have something go wrong.

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If your PC system runs on an Nvidia card, and you’re having problems with PUBG, this guide is for you.

Low Frame-Rate in PUBG Video Settings

If you’re on an Nvidia 1070 or lower, there’s a good chance you may have low frame-rates in PUBG.

While console players are pretty much locked at 60fps, a lot of PC gamers use 120 and 144 hz monitors that require higher frame-rates in-game to look crisp.

Look at the table below to see if your card is compatible with the game at different settings.

Y: Game should be able to run at proper frame-rates.

  • : Game may have difficulty in certain environments

X: Game will likely have high difficulty with its current settings.

Pubg Low Settings Pubg Medium Settings Pubg High Settings
960 X
970 Y X
980 Y Y
1060 Y
1070 Y Y
1080 Y Y Y
1080ti Y Y Y
2060 Y Y Y
2070 Y Y Y
2080 Y Y Y
2080ti Y Y Y

If you’re running the game on a lower card than any of the ones listed, you may not be able to play properly.

This may cause the game to crash due to the overwhelming amount of elements the game needs to load.

Stuttering Frame-rate in PUBG

If your frame-rate changes a lot in-game, there might be a graphics card issue. While certain parts of the game (like gunfights, vehicle piloting, or entering areas with lots of different granular graphics objects) can lower frame-rate temporarily, there are other issues that can cause your frame-rate to drop below a playable rate.

  • Use your task manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) to view system resources. Open it while the game is running and see what percentage of the resources PUBG is using. The app appears as TsIgame.exe.
    • If the game is using a high amount of system resources, you may need to upgrade your computer and/or lower your settings.
    • If there are other applications that are using a lot of resources (such as Chrome, iTunes, or a streaming application), you should consider turning them off.

Pubg Keeps Crashing on PC

If your game is crashing, it could be a rendering issue due to your graphics card driver or graphics processing software.

  • In Steam or your other game launcher, find the option that says “Validate Game Files” or similar, and run that. See if any files are missing.
  • Update your computer. You can do this by hitting the “Windows” button and typing “Update”. This will make your computer restart if there are available updates
  • Update your Nvidia Experience application and your Nvidia Card Drivers. PUBG, being a very popular game, has a lot of updates frequently. They coordinate with Nvidia to make sure that new drivers and new patches are compatible. If you’re not updating your card’s drivers, you may not experience the game properly.

Nvidia PUBG Drivers Incompatibility

A few times during its lifespan, PUBG has released a game-breaking bug for Nvidia card owners. The issues have usually been patched quickly.

There’s nothing that you can do to fix this other than wait for PUBG to fix the game – you can’t run an out of date game version on live servers, since all the versions need to be in sync.

If you’re noticing errors after patching, check the PUBG Subreddit to see – if it’s a common issue, there will be a lot of threads about the problem.