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GeForce Experience Won’t Open: 4 Ways to Fix

Will your GeForce Experience not open? You aren’t alone.

This error is a common problem with NVIDIA users. The “GeForce Experience Won’t Open” error happens because of Windows updates, corrupted software, and even updates from NVIDIA.

GeForce Experience Won’t Open

What is the GeForce Experience?

The GeForce Experience is a control panel that provides gamers a way to control the way their graphics card is used on their computer.

It will let you to change all of your graphics settings in one place and will enable you to tune them on a per-game basis.

Unfortunately, the software can break. Luckily, many people have encountered this well-documented issue.

Below are four of the well-known methods that will fix your Nvidia GeForce error.

1. Has Your GeForce Experience Service Stopped?

There are times when software crashes and turns off. It doesn’t always tell you when this happens so you need to check on it to make sure it is on.

Follow these steps to verify:

  1.       Open the run menu by pressing the windows icon + r buttons on your keyboard.
  2.       Type in “services.msc” in the input box and press enter.
  3.       Look for “NVIDIA GeForce Experience Service” in the list and select it.
  4.       Once selected, right-click the option and click either the start or restart options.
  5.       Find “Nvidia Telemetry Container” in the services list.
  6.       RIght click and select the properties option.
  7.       Change startup type from manual to automatic.

Once these steps are completed, re-open the program to see if the problem is fixed.

2. Reinstall the GeForce Experience Software

If the reason GeForce Experience won’t open is corrupted software, then you may need to perform a reinstall.

The problem will be fixed by repairing any corrupted files or computer entries. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  1.       Press the windows icon + r keys to open the run menu.
  2.       Type “control panel” in the input box to load your control panel.
  3.       Look for “Programs” and select it.
  4.       Find the uninstall option in the left menu to open the program list.
  5.       Find “NVIDIA GeForce Experience” in the menu and select it.
  6.       Click on uninstall in the menu to remove it from your computer.
  7.       Go to the official NVIDIA website to download the installer again.
  8.       Open the downloaded .exe file.
  9.       Follow along the installation guide to complete the installation of your software.

Once reinstalled, open the GeForce software to make sure everything runs correctly.

3. Is Your Anti-Virus Blocking the NVIDIA Software?

Your anti-virus software is there protect you, but it isn’t right all of the time. At times, it may falsely identify the GeForce Experience as a dangerous program.

To test this, disable your anti-virus program and try to open it again.

If it opens after disabling your anti-virus, you will need to add a rule to it in order to whitelist the GeForce Experience software permanently to prevent problems in the future.

Consult the instructions for your specific anti-virus program to learn how to do this.

4. Are Your Video Card Drivers Updated?

Driver updates regularly come from NVIDIA and you need to keep up with them. You can download the drivers manually as they come out, or you can use a tool like Driver Support to manage your updates for you.

See our guide on how to update NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers.

Follow these instructions to get running quickly and easily:

  1.       Give DriverSupport | ONE a try today! and run the .exe file.
  2.       Open the software and run a scan to detect all of your hardware.
  3.       Use Driver Support to reinstall your driver for you.

Wrap Up

Once you’re set up you can rest easy knowing that all of your driver updates are handled behind the scenes and without your intervention.

By following our comprehensive guide to troubleshooting Nvidia GeoForce Experience, you will be able to utilize the graphic control panel effectively.