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How to Uninstall HP Smart the Easy Way

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HP Smart is a printing application that is used to manage HP Printers. You may also have an outdated version of it, called “HP All-in-One”. When the program fails, or when you no longer have an HP Printer, it’s suggested that you uninstall the one you currently have on your PC.

Why Uninstall HP Smart?

If you’re having difficulty uninstalling HP Smart you are not alone. Common reasons for uninstalling HP Smart are:

1) It was pre-installed, or you simply have no use for it (I.e no longer own an HP Device)

2) Ran out of device space

3) HP Smart was inadvertently installed while updating drivers (more on updating drivers ahead) and no longer works with your printer.

4) Software glitched-out, and you’re simply attempting to do a fresh re-installation.

Regardless of the reasons: you can uninstall HP Smart the easy way for both Android, Windows, Mac, and IOs devices.

Please feel free to skip ahead to the Android, Windows, or Mac and IOS Uninstall steps.

How to Uninstall HP Smart on Android Devices

There are 3 methods to uninstalling HP Smart from android.

Note: Not all Android versions support all three steps. Your specific android device will determine which method works. Method 1 tends to work for most Android Devices.

Method 1: Delete the HP Smart App from Settings

Uninstalling HP Smart by the settings menu should work on most devices.

  1. Navigate to and open Settings
  2. Select Apps or Application Manager from the device Settings
  3. Select HP Smart
  4. Select Uninstall

After completion of the steps, HP Smart should be uninstalled in seconds.

Method 2: Deleting Your HP Smart App From the Google Play Store

HP Smart can be easily uninstalled from through the Google Play on Android by following the steps:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu
  3.  Select My Apps & Games
  4. Click the Install tab
  5. Select HP Smart
  6.  Tap Uninstall

Note: If using Method 2 – Methods 1 and 3 can be skipped.

Method 3: Delete from HP Smart Main Screen

Method 3 works on newer Android devices (it is the best choice when it comes to deleting your app quickly). To uninstall HP Smart using Method 3, follow these steps:

  1. Tap and hold HP Smart from the home screen or App Drawer
  2. Drag to Uninstall section or select Uninstall
  3. Conform Uninstall by selecting OK

Be sure to know that Method 3 will not work on older Android Devices. To uninstall HP Smart from an earlier device, use method 1 or 2.

How to Uninstall HP Smart On Mac

HP Smart can be easily uninstalled from Mac devices by the following steps:

  1. 1) From the Dock, click Finder
  2. 2) At the main menu hit Go, then Applications, then open the HP/Hewlett Packard folder
    1. If the HP Uninstaller is in the folder, double click it and follow the uninstallation steps
    2. If the HP Uninstaller is not present, continue to the next step
  3. 3) Click-Drag the HP/Hewlett Packard folder to the Dock -> Trash icon
  4. 4) From Menu, click Go, Select Go to Folder, type /library/printers, then select Go
  5. 5) Drag the HP folder to Trash icon in the Dock
  6. 6) Restart the Device
  7. 7) Right-click the Trash Icon and empty Trash

How to Uninstall HP Smart from IOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

Uninstalling HP Smart from IOS is a fairly intuitive process. Follow the steps:

Method 1: Click and Hold

  1. Tap and hold HP Smart App then click the X
  2. The app will immediately be deleted.

Method 2: Navigate to Settings

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Click iPhone (Or iPad)
  4. Select HP Smart
  5. Select the option to Delete

How to Uninstall HP Smart on Windows

Uninstalling HP Smart on windows is a simple process:

  1. Open Windows Start
  2. Search for Apps & Features
  3. Open Apps & Features and click on HP Smart
  4. Select Uninstall

The Uninstall should only take a minute or two depending on your machine.

Note: When making changes to your PC, its always good to update associated drivers. Please be sure to read our next section on updating drivers after an uninstall or when making general changes.

Updating Drivers for HP Smart Compatible Printers

Software needs to be updated constantly – deleting and discarding old software is no exception. However, removing the software can remove or not update important HP drivers from your system. If you’re running Windows and have an HP Printer, you’ll need to keep those drivers updated – with or without HP Smart.

If you were simply trying to delete the software; hopefully, our guide helped: the software is gone forever. Keep in mind to keep your drivers updated, in order to prevent malfunctions and other issues that can impact your device long term. Give DriverSupport | ONE a try today! to get an easy to use scan and automatic updates of your out of date or missing drivers.

Many issues can be addressed by simply updating your drivers. It’s best to use an automatic driver update system such as Driver Support so that important updates are not overlooked.