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USB Driver for Android Explanation

Android usb driver

With the rapid advances in technology overwhelming consumers and no sign of letting up anytime soon, it can be hard to keep up with things like device drivers. Not everyone knows what device drivers are, let alone how they are used with Android phones.

What Are Device Drivers?

Device drivers are important software components that run in the background and allow devices to function properly. For example, your computer monitor has a driver that helps the monitor function and interact with the other hardware on your computer.

When it comes to smartphones and computers, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Device drivers are hard at work making sure everything functions correctly and is working with the hardware. While often overlooked, drivers are extremely important to the health of your machine. Most people don’t notice them until something goes wrong and updating the driver is the solution.

What is the USB Driver for Android Devices?

For many users, a USB Driver for Android explanation is in order. Not many people would be readily familiar with Android USB drivers and don’t encounter them until you try to transfer data from your phone to your computer. You will also need to have updated Android USB drivers on your machine to run an Android Debug Bridge.

It is in these situations that trouble can come up for those who don’t know how to use Android USB drivers. There is typically no way around these requirements other than installing the Android USB driver and keeping it properly updated.

Installing the Android USB Driver

While installing the Android USB driver can seem like a hassle, here’s how to get through the process relatively quickly. There are two ways you can start the process.

  1. Download the Android USB Driver from Android’s developer site.
  2. Download the Android SDK Manager.

If the first method is chosen, you can simply download the driver from Android’s developer site as mentioned above.

Installing Android USB Drivers Through the SDK Manager

Should you choose the second method, you’ll download the Android SDK Manager first and then open it to download the Android USB driver from there.

To do this you’ll right-click on the SDK manager and run it as an administrator. If it is not run in administrator mode, the installation can suffer complications.

Once in administrator mode on the Android SDK Manager, click on EXTRAS.

From there you can navigate to the Android USB driver, click on the button that reads, ‘Install 1 package.’

google usb driver

Now you are ready to plug in your Android device. After that, you should open the Device Manager on your computer. From there you can hit Android and select update driver software by right-clicking.

device manager

A dialogue box should pop up. Choose to browse your computer for driver software and opt to pick from the list of drivers on your PC.

android device software

After you select to show all devices, a drop-down menu will appear and then choose the have disk option.

android driver

From here you’ll want to submit the USB driver path and choose Android ABD Interface.

Hit yes to confirm the installation, then click install. Avoid the button that says Don’t Install.

windows security pop up

That’s the final step in the manual installation process and after it’s finished you can close the installation Wizard.

update android software

The Android USB driver on your machine will make it easy for you to transfer files from an Android phone to your computer. However, you’ll need to keep the driver properly updated, which is best achieved through software solutions like Driver Support.

Keeping Android USB Drivers Updated

Now that you know how to install Android USB drivers like a pro, you’ll need to know how to keep them updated efficiently. Updating them manually while possible, is insanely tedious. No one wants to waste precious hours monitoring and updating their device drivers.

Don’t waste time performing manual driver updates because there’s really no reason do it manually anymore since the superior software solutions that have come on the market. Automatic driver updating software is one of the most useful tools to have on your computer. Not only do they make driver updates easy, but they also take the strain of figuring out when they need to be updated off of your shoulders.

Choosing the Best Automatic Driver Updating Software

The net is brimming with sites offering to keep drivers automatically updated, but many of these are substandard and pose more of a nuisance on your computer than anything. Driver Support is one of the best options available, outperforming competitors in quality, efficacy, and price.

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