Why was I charged?

Are you seeing a credit card or PayPal charge that you don’t recognize?

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What is DriverSupport?

DriverSupport ONE is an ongoing service software that runs one or more of your Windows home PCs updating device drivers, optimizing your apps, and protecting your online safety. DriverSupport ONE charges a fee for this service.

Why was I charged?

You or someone in your household purchased DriverSupport ONE with you credit card. DriverSupport is an ongoing service for your home PC devices for which a fee is required.

I don't remember signing up for this.

It is possible that someone else in your home signed up for the service or maybe you purchased the service a while ago and forgot about it. Please chat with customer service for more details.

I want to cancel my service.

You can easily cancel your service at anytime by logging into your online account portal here.

How can I contact DriverSupport?

There are multiple ways to reach a customer support representative via email, mail, or even using our Contact Us Form here.

Email Customer Support: support@driversupport.com
Send Mail To: PO Box 2022
                          Temple, TX 76503-2022

Want to learn more about DriverSupport?

Visit the How It Works page to see details on DriverSupport and what is can do for you each and every day.  Plus we have lots of great videos you can watch to help get you reacquainted with the Driver Support services.