Driver Support|ONE Add-On/Extension Guide

The DriverSupport|ONE  Add-On browser extension is only available to customers who have purchased the Driver Support | One Windows software.  The Driver Support|ONE Add-On browser extension is an optional feature installed for Edge and Chrome dedicated to extending Driver Support’s malware, performance, privacy, and optimization features to our customers’ Edge/Chrome browser.

Active customers of DriverSupport|ONE Premium can install or uninstall the Edge Add-On by launching the Driver Support|ONE app from their desktop and selecting the Web Protection tile on app’s My System page.

NOTE: Non-Active and non-Premium customers cannot install this extension.  Also, previously active/premium customers will have the extension uninstalled automatically.  Un-installing the Windows Driver Support|ONE Windows app will remove the Edge/Chrome browser Add-On/extension as well.

Launch Driver Support|ONE

1. Click the Windows Start Menu on the bottom left of your screen.
2. Type in the search bar Driver Support One.
3. Click Open.

2. Click the Web Protection Tile

3. Select the on/off switch to install/uninstall the extension.

NOTE: Uninstalling Driver Support|ONE also uninstalls the Add-On/Extensions from Edge/Chrome

How to Uninstall Driver Support | Driver Support Removal