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Windows 10 Missing Bluetooth Settings

windows 10 bluetooth settings

Missing Bluetooth Settings in Windows 10

Can’t find your bluetooth settings in Windows 10? It may mean that your bluetooth receiver device isn’t plugged in or that your driver isn’t properly installed. Let’s figure out how to fix it – together!

Ensure Windows Bluetooth Settings Are Turned On

Start with the most basic troubleshooting.

In the corner of the Windows 10 taskbar, type “Bluetooth” in the search box. When you see an option for the Bluetooth settings, select it. A switch that toggles Bluetooth on or off should appear.

If you see it, make sure it is turned on. If you don’t see it, figure out which Bluetooth receiver you are using and try to download the proper drivers and software for it. If you bought an external receiver, there should be a disc with it

You should be done – unless that option is grayed out or doesn’t appear. In such an instance, it’s time to dig a bit further.

Fixing Missing Bluetooth Settings

Open your device manager by typing in “Device Manager” in the start bar. Do you see your bluetooth device there? If not, you’ll need to check its connection. If you do, right click your device and select “Update Driver”. If you have the most recent one, and you’re still having issues, try Uninstalling it and fetching a new version.

Manually Search for the Correct Driver

Windows may or may not find a better driver. If not, another option would be to search the manufacturer’s website for one. It can vary what information is required but expect a model or serial number will be needed.

If you’re able to locate an updated driver, you can download and install it. Installation can be done using an installer package from the manufacturer (if applicable) or by going back into Windows Device Manager and choosing to search for the downloaded driver locally.

Use an Automated Solution for Drivers

You can install software, such as Driver Support, to monitor and find drivers for you. Such software can make life easier in this and other scenarios where a driver is no longer optimal.

Taking the automated approach makes sense. Aside from ease of use, it can be a proactive way of avoiding issues before they occur.

Consider Other Possibilities

There are always other reasons Bluetooth settings may be missing in Windows. These can range from conflicting devices to BIOS settings.

Be extremely careful before attempting to change a machine’s BIOS settings. One wrong click and your computer may not boot up properly – if at all. Feel free to contact a professional or the manufacturer before proceeding down this path.

Ultimately, the device may be defective. If so, contact the manufacturer.

Use Driver Support to Keep Drivers Up to Date

Keeping device drivers current is important but can also be tedious. While you can update each one yourself, as needed, there is an easier approach.

Since 1996, Driver Support has been trusted to alleviate the laborious task of keeping drivers current.

Upon installation, Driver Support software will inventory your computer for all active device types supported. When you fully register the service, it will update any drivers that are out of date or missing. You won’t have to worry about spending time locating each driver manually.

Instead, spend that time listening to your favorite playlist.

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