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Laptops or Computers That Keep Disconnecting From WiFi

laptop losing wifiAs universal truths go, you’re bound to run into some hiccups when it comes to your computer and its WiFi connection. You might be trying to send an email, shop online or play that popular MMO game. Whatever the case, your desktop or laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi and it’s causing an inconvenience.

There are various reasons why WiFi keeps dropping, some with quicker fixes than others. Let’s explore the more common ones.

Check Other Devices’ Connections

Try other devices – computers, phones or tablets – on your network that can be quickly tested. You might even want to try the exact same thing you were just doing. This will help you figure out where the issue actually lies.

If you get the same results, you can at least avoid more localized steps with your computer – the issue might lie with the router/modem.

On the other hand, if another device connects just fine, it’s safe to focus on the affected machine.

Basic WiFi Troubleshooting

Depending on what your prior results were, you can quickly develop a strategy. There are several general approaches listed, but feel free to start with whichever makes the most sense.

Check the WiFi Settings

This may be the least intrusive option, as it only affects the local machine. Open up your WiFi settings, typically found in the right corner of the task bar. Ensure it’s turned on and connected to your personal hotspot. If so, test toggling the connection on/off. If you have a hardware button on your keyboard or on a dongle for your wifi, try physically turning it on and off as well.

Reboot the Computer

Since the dawn of personal computers, it’s been an acceptable approach to simply reboot the machine. Many times, this remedy actually works.

Be sure that you save any open tasks – or properly close down any applications that dislike being abruptly halted by your O/S.

Reset your Router

As you approach your router (or modem), you should see blinking and stable green lights.  However, if you discover orange or red lights – blinking or not – it’s a sign that something is amiss.

Resetting your router/modem is as simple as hitting a switch on the back. There could be a reset button or it may be a matter of flipping the power off for a few seconds. Either way, the device will reset and your connections to reestablish.

Update the Device Drivers

If you’re using a Windows 10 (or any version of Windows) machine, you may be familiar with the need for device drivers. Every device on a Windows computer requires a driver. If said driver is corrupt or not the latest version, problems eventually can (and likely will) ensue.

Before getting started, you’ll still need a connection to the internet. This can be done via directly plugging in an ethernet (RJ45) cable from your computer to the router. However this is only a temporary solution, as the objective is to update the driver and get WiFi working again.

Let Windows Try to Find a Driver

Updating a driver is not always a simple task. Sure, Windows can search for one – but keep your fingers crossed.

Don’t fret if Windows doesn’t find one. There are still other options.

Manually Search for a Driver

This is a matter of understanding what you’re looking for. It helps to know the manufacturer, but finer details (such as model/serial numbers) will likely be required. This involves a search on the device manufacturer’s website.

If you find a match, the driver can be downloaded and installed. If all went well, you should be back online.

Automatically Keep Drivers Updated

Installing an automated solution like Driver Support can take the burden out of keeping your device drivers updated. Since 1996, consumers have enjoyed this software’s ease of use. Just install and let Driver Support do its thing.

Of course, it’s not just about Wifi. All devices typically require drivers. Eventually, all drivers need to be updated. It’s your choice on how to approach that need – the easy or the hard way.

WiFi Keeps Disconnecting?

There are other possibilities. Some involve digging into various settings of the O/S. Others are related to modem or router issues. Problems involving hardware or the ISP typically require a technician’s assistance.

Use Driver Support and Avoid the Struggle

We often see out-of-date or corrupted drivers as the culprit. Run Driver Support and cross that problem off the list. The time you save can be spent doing things that are more productive ­– or fun.­