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What Does Microsoft Office 2010 Include?

Microsoft Office 2010 was the successor to Office 2007. When it was first released, it was arguably the best office productivity software on the market. The same features that made Microsoft Office 2010 great are still impressive and useful to have today. Here’s an overview of what the 2010 edition includes and why you should keep your device drivers routinely updated.

MS office 2010 features

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office includes a whole suite of exceptionally useful tools like Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
PowerPoint revolutionized professional presentations and tools like Access 2010 greatly simplified the use of a database. These tools have been making it possible for businesses to do more using a single suite of software. No one can dispute the power of Microsoft.

While its office productivity software has come a long way with new editions coming out every few years, for some it’s best to use older versions of the software like Office 2010. Here’s a look at what’s included in that suite—which happens to be quite a lot.

Office 2010 Features

When you get Office 2010 it will come with a whole suite of impressive software that can be used for home, business, and academic applications. Here’s the rundown on what you’ll be getting.

Word and All the Advantages of the 2010 Edition

Office 2010 includes Word, which is one of the most essential programs to have on a PC.

Microsoft Office 2010 introduced some extremely useful new features on Word that are still essential to have today. The Office 2010 features for Word include an intuitive navigation pane, collaborative capabilities, and other useful features that make working with text a breeze.

The collaborative features are the most important improvements that allow multiple users to collaborate on the same document simultaneously.

Excel with Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel is one of the most important programs for offices. The spreadsheet software makes it easy to keep track of expenses, budgets, payroll, projects, and many other types of essential information that needs to be organized.

The importance of this single program to businesses can perhaps not be overstated as the purpose it serves is at the heart of many office operations, especially in accounting.

The 2010 version of Office has some unique features for Excel like Sparklines, which lets users generate miniature graphics representing data trends. It also lets you publish Excel spreadsheets from your desktop directly to the web.

Stun Audiences with PowerPoint 2010

When it comes to making presentations, PowerPoint not only impresses, it has become the standard. In fact, not using it can be perceived negatively.

PowerPoint makes it possible to deliver incredibly impressive and professional presentations that carry a serious impact. The advantages of this are extraordinary as it lets you rock business meetings and academic presentations with ease.

The program lets you organize customizable slides that come in different themes and colors. You can also add richer forms of media into your presentations including audio and video clips. Additionally, you can create handy slide notes as well.

While virtually every edition of Office will invariably include PowerPoint, there are some incredible features on PowerPoint 10. The 2010 edition comes with superior video editing tools that can help make your videos more precise and greatly improve the quality of your content when making important presentations.

Enjoy the Benefits of Microsoft Outlook

When you get Microsoft Office, you’ll also receive Outlook which is a powerful and respected client email platform. There are some amazing benefits to using Outlook as your email platform. For one thing, it’s highly recognized and respected in business which adds a sense of legitimacy to any email sent from Outlook.

That can be an incredibly important advantage for anyone in email marketing. Email marketing professionals will also enjoy the other advantages of Outlook 2010 such as a tree form layout that displays sent and incoming messages in a sleek and intuitive format. Working from Outlook is both easy and effective as the design of this email platform is built with the professional in mind.

The Difference Between Office 2010 and 365

When searching for Microsoft Office software packages you’ll often stumble upon Office 365 as well. While similar, there is a distinct difference that separates them inextricably. The most significant difference between the two is in the form of ownership.

When you buy Office 365 you essentially buy a subscription to the software that eventually ends and necessitates paying for it again. On the other hand, however, when you purchase Microsoft Office, you get full ownership without limitations with the exception of only using it on one device.

Overall it’s usually a better value to go with Microsoft Office and Office 2010. While older, it has some of the best features in the series. You can also try a trial version of the software to see what it can do for you.

What You Need to Run Office 2010

Whether you buy the 32 or 64-bit version of Office 2010, it will run fine on almost any Windows OS. Keep in mind, however, that the 64-bit edition won’t work on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Other than that, the requirements are relatively lax and you should have no trouble running Office 2010 on your machine unless you suffer from severely outdated device drivers.

Why Updating Your Device Drivers Is Essential to Getting the Most out of Office 2010 Features

When enjoying the many exceptional features of Office 2010, you should take care to keep all of your device drivers updated routinely. A device driver is a specialized software program that helps keep your PC hardware working properly.

Outdated device drivers can wreak havoc on a PC and cause critical components to fail including your monitor. Not only can outdated drivers affect your PC hardware, but it can also cause problems when using Office 2010.

The solution is of course to update the drivers. Doing that can be easier said than done, however, as the process can be tedious and time-consuming if you don’t know how to do it correctly.

Why You Should Seek an Automated Software Solution to Updating Drivers

Keep in mind that it’s extremely inadvisable for you to waste your time trying to update all of your drivers manually. The first and most important reason why you shouldn’t go about updating your drivers manually is because it would be an abominable waste of your time.

The most sensible thing to do is install special software, like Driver Support, that will take care of these updates automatically.

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