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Logitech K810 Keyboard Driver

If you’ve installed a Logitech K810 wireless Bluetooth keyboard to use on your PC–and love it–you’re not alone. For several years now, computer owners have enjoyed this well-designed, attractive keyboard both at home and in the office.

Logitech K810 Driver

There are plenty of reasons; the keyboard is competitively priced, and offers many features that PC users seek:

  • Sharp looks – streamlined and smooth and well-made with good, solid construction
  • Great backlighting feature
  • Easy swapping among devices – with one keystroke, switch from your PC to a tablet or other device

With its compact footprint and convenient layout, the K810 keyboard is tailor-made for use in smaller areas or sitting on your lap in the living room.

With its automatic backlighting illumination level, it’s easy to use even in low-light situations.

Logitech K810 Keyboard Features

Even though the Logitech K810 keyboard has been on the market for several years, it still offers technically advanced features that PC owners and others find attractive:

  • Variable backlighting that senses ambient lighting conditions
  • Wireless operation
  • Bluetooth capability – up to three devices at the same time via hotkey functions
  • Supports more than PCs – includes Android and iOS smartphones, OS X, Windows 7, 8, and 10, and tablets
  • Recharges from a USB cable – no batteries to replace and long life from a single charge

Loaded with all these features, it’s, of course, necessary to make sure you have the latest driver to maximize support of the features while reducing the possibility of performance issues or other problems.

Problems With The Logitech K810 Keyboard

There are many satisfied owners of K810 wireless keyboards, but as with most technology, there are times when devices just don’t work right.

Some users have reported issues with the keyboard:

  • Failure of recognizing the keyboard
  • Periodic dropping of Bluetooth connection
  • Lag in operation between computer or tablet

What Could Be Wrong?

If your keyboard is not connecting to your computer or another device by Bluetooth, you may need to try re-pairing with your Bluetooth settings. This is fairly straightforward with Windows PCs.

Bluetooth Pairing:

1. For your Windows PC, begin by clicking on “Start” and then choose “Control Panel.”

Control Panel

2. Next, choose Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers

choose Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers

3. Select Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth Devices


4. Then select the “Add a device” option

“Add a device” option

5. Pick the Logitech keyboard from the list, click the Next button and continue to follow the rest of the prompts on the screen to complete the process.

Windows will “pair” your Bluetooth Keyboard to the computer.

This process is very similar for both WIN7 and WIN10 systems, with only minor differences is the screen presentations.

Pairing is only one possible solution to get the Logitech keyboard working properly. Your problem may very well be related to the driver you have installed.

Using the wrong driver for your computer or an outdated driver can cause your keyboard to not function properly, or may result in erratic behavior.

Updating Your Logitech K810 Keyboard Driver

When your Logitech K810 wireless keyboard is not working satisfactorily or consistently, the problem may be the driver. Drivers are small programs on your PC that control every device.

To operate your keyboard or other devices efficiently, you should always have the most current driver available from your device manufacturer – in this case, Logitech.

One of your options is to:

  1. Connect to Logitech’s website
  2. Locate their support page
  3. Search for your specific keyboard model and download the latest driver for your system
  4. Save the downloaded driver (remember where you save it, and the name of the file) for installing to your computer.

Now that you have the driver downloaded, follow these steps to update your system with the new driver:

Click Start, select Control Panel, then Device Manager, to get a list of all your devices. (In this case, a different keyboard is listed, but Windows will locate your Logitech K810 keyboard under the Bluetooth devices).

Click Start, select Control Panel, then Device Manager

Click the arrow next to Keyboards to view your K810 Keyboard, and click it to select that device. Then right-click to see the option to Update Driver Software:

Update Driver Software

update driver

When prompted, direct the driver update to the file you downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, then follow the screen prompts to install the driver for your keyboard.

This should resolve any driver problems, assuming:

  • You downloaded the correct driver for your particular system and keyboard model
  • You installed the driver correctly and without issues

If that seems too complicated, or if you’re not comfortable with performing this kind of maintenance on your computer, there is, fortunately, a much easier and safer way.

Enjoy Your Logitech K810 Keyboard Features Effortlessly

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