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Laptop Speakers Won’t Work

Having sound issues with your laptop speakers that won’t work? First, you should perform a Windows sound system test to find out if the built-in speakers are working or not. To do this, follow these next steps below.

Laptop Speakers Not Working? Perform a Windows Sound Test

  1. Click on the Search Bar and type in Control Panel

pc control panel


2. In the Control Panel window go to Hardware and Sound

windows sound options



3. You will then need to go to Sound, Speakers and Headphones, and then click Configure.

pc sound controls

pc speaker and headphone option




4. Once you have clicked on Configure, click Test to test that sound is audible from the built-in speakers.

setup speakers on laptop



5. If you hear sound from both built-in speakers then there might be another issue. If you don’t hear any sound, why not scan your PC to check if there are any issues with the sound drivers.



Possibility of a Bad Sound Card


Worst case scenario, it might not be a software related issue but hardware. Hardware components in computers such as sound cards can fail. You can make sure the sound card works properly by connecting a pair of speakers or a headset/headphones to the computer. You can also test the sound by using a CD or sound file.


If you have connected other speakers or headphones and they don’t work either. It’s a possibility that your sound card is faulty. You can also first check if the sound drivers don’t need to be updated.

Install the latest driver updates

Most sound issues can be resolved by installing the latest updates for your drivers.