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Is Your EIZO Monitor Not Turning On?

eizo monitor wont turn on

Eizo monitors are some of the best monitors on the market. Used by cinematographers and photographers, these monitors are some of the top tier professional displays on the market. However, they too can fail – and it’s even more frustrating because they’re not as easy to replace.

While some Eizo monitors have some known problems with turning on, they’re very advanced fixes and should not be attempted unless you have microelectronics experience. Most consumers don’t, so we’re going to test everything else first.

Is Your Eizo Monitor Properly Powered?

If the monitor isn’t properly powered, you could be experiencing issues. This seems low-level, but sometimes there can be shorts in cables due to being crushed or played with by household pets. This may cause them to be inconsistent in their performance.

Eizo monitors use standard PC power cables, so you can easily use generic ones, or you can buy the official replacement cables from Eizo to try to test this theory. It may not fix the issue, but at the very least, you’ll have a replacement cable. They’re usually $10-30, so it is a much less hefty investment than buying a new monitor.

Is Your Video Cable Faulty?

If your Eizo monitor is properly powered but there’s still not a signal, try testing the video cable in the same fashion as we tried with the power cable.

Try using a new cable with the graphics card connection to the monitor. If it fixes the issue, then it’s pretty clear which issue needs to be fixed – just buy a new cable!

You can also try different ports on your graphics card if you have them. Sometimes a port fails.

Test Another Display

If you have an HDMI out on your PC or Laptop, try plugging it into your TV. Does the TV get a signal? If so, this can help diagnose your problem. If the Eizo monitor doesn’t receive input but the TV does, then it’s definitely a monitor problem and not a graphics card problem. If the TV also doesn’t receive input, it’s a graphics card problem.

Graphics Card Problem

If your graphic card has multiple output ports on it, try a different port for your cable to see if the issue is the port. Sometimes, whether you’re on AMD or Nvidia, one of your outputs will fail. If this clears the problem, contact your retailer or manufacturer to try to get a refurbished card.

You may also need to update your drivers. Sometimes, software changes and makes it so certain technology no longer functions properly. If you can get a display to appear, whether it’s on another monitor or on another port, check to see if you have up-to-date drivers.