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How to Update Your Netgear Adapter A6210 Driver

Netgear’s A6210 USB 3.0 WiFi Adapter is a great solution for getting your desktop or laptop computer running over your 11ac network for high-performance, hesitation-free access to the internet. Connecting the A6210 to a USB port, its high-gain antennas provide wireless connections for streaming HD video or participating in online gaming activities.

Setting up the A6210 does not require significant technical skills, but there is one step in the process that is often overlooked – updating the Netgear Adapter A6210 driver for Windows.

Why You Should Update Your Driver

Drivers are the small software programs that communicate with your Windows operating system and the peripherals connected to your system including monitors, storage drives, printers, and your Netgear Adapter A6210.

What can go wrong when you’re not using the proper drivers?

Your Windows OS may not recognize your devices, including the Netgear A6210

Your USB ports may not function properly – yes, they require drivers too.

Netgear Adapter A6210 may not work or could provide less than expected performance levels

Note that Netgear’s support site emphasizes that you should not plug in the A6210 adapter to your computer until the drivers have been installed. It’s just how important drivers are to proper operation.

Updating your system with the wrong drivers, or not updating them correctly, could cause instability of your system. It could mean your devices won’t work properly, or may not work at all.

Your Netgear A6210 comes ready to setup with a driver, but it’s not always the latest driver the manufacturer has released for the product.

There may be significant software improvements included in the latest driver version. It makes it very important that you update your system with the current driver – not only for the Netgear Adapter A6210 but for all drivers that could impact the performance of the device.

Netgear Adapter A6210 Driver Update for Windows

Windows incorporates a standard method of checking your system for updates, which includes drivers.

Windows Update is started by simply clicking the “start” button and keying the word “update” in the search window. Just click the “check for updates” option and follow the prompts to download and install updates.

Depending on the number and types of updates that this process discovers, there could be requests to reboot your system to activate the updates.

The only problem with using this method to update your drivers is that not all manufacturers register every driver modification to the Windows Update process. Meaning that even though you make the effort to bring your system current with all applicable software, you may be missing some of the latest updates.

Getting the Latest Netgear Adapter A6210 Driver for Windows

One sure method of getting the most up to date driver for your adapter A6210 is through searching the manufacturer’s website for driver support. Netgear provides a search window for you to start typing the model or device you need help with. Typing A6210 will quickly identify the A6210 adapter:

Accessing that page will take you to the information you need, including user manuals, other documentation and of course – your driver.

In the case of your A6210 adapter, the version designation with the highest number will indicate that this is the newest release, which you should select from the list. Clicking that software option will initiate the software download, which will begin immediately. You can monitor the download status and see the downloaded file in the gray download of your Chrome browser, or view a similar display in Internet Explorer.

Chrome download bar

Internet Explorer download bar

Regardless of the browser you’re using, once the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file. You will be presented with a list of files that were included in the download from Netgear.

Now your decision is whether to install the complete downloaded software that includes a Netgear utility, or the application labeled “Standalone” which is the driver software only, without the utilities Netgear provides. Netgear’s utilities (Genie) will help manage your wireless network. If you don’t need that functionality, simply install the standalone version. If in doubt, try the full application that is not labeled Standalone. You can always uninstall the software and reinstall using the Standalone version, if necessary.

Double-clicking the downloaded file of your choice will initiate the install of the software. Just follow the prompts presented by the install wizard, reboot your computer to activate the changes, and you’re ready to use your new A6210 adapter.

Automating the Process

There are a few reasons you may not want to undertake the manual efforts to install your Netgear Adapter A6210 driver:

  • All the above steps may seem too confusing
  • You may not have the technical confidence to search for, download, and install software for your Windows system
  • You may hesitate in selecting the correct and up to date drivers for your computer

If any of those conditions apply to you, there is a much easier way to keep your system current – including drivers. Register with a software-driven service that analyzes your system for missing or outdated software and takes care of updates – with no work on your part.

Driver Support makes updating all your drivers secure and simple:

  • Performs a thorough inventory of your software for missing or old drivers
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