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How to Update Your Canon ImageCLASS D530 Copier Driver

The Canon imageCLASS D530 printer-copier is a compact, feature-packed, affordable device that is suitable for many homes or business environments:

  • Multi-function – print, scan, and copy with a single machine (even scans in color)
  • Monochrome laser printing up to 26 pages per minute
  • Energy efficient – meets Energy Star guidelines
  • Convenient 250-sheet front loading paper cassette
  • Compatible with multiple OS including Windows and Mac OS X

Like any technical device, you can get the most value from your Canon imageCLASS D530 through proper setup and maintenance, including keeping your driver current. Doing this ensures you have the latest updates from the manufacturer that resolve any known problems and provide support for your OS.

Updating the Canon imageCLASS D530 copier driver for Windows is not a major undertaking, but it’s important to find the right driver for your system and to install it properly.


Why Update Your Drivers?

Most peripheral devices such as printers and copiers are sold with drivers included, but in many cases, these consist of CDs that were created when the printer was manufactured, which may be extremely outdated.

Installing and using drivers that are obsolete can result in multiple issues:

  • First, the driver may be missing altogether
  • The driver may be very out of date
  • Driver files can become corrupted or otherwise unusable
  • Installing the supplied driver may not work properly, or may result in errors
  • You may have the incorrect driver for your device or operating system
  • Your printer/copier does not function properly with the current driver

Installing the latest driver that applies to your Windows or Mac OS and hardware can often resolve any problems you’re experiencing with the imageCLASS D530.

Windows 10 – Common Canon Driver Issues

If you’ve just moved up to Windows 10, you may have encountered additional issues with the functionality of your imageCLASS D530 copier. You may be confronted with the error message that the “Printer Driver is Unavailable”. There can be multiple causes for this message:

  • Driver is not up to date
  • Driver has become corrupted
  • Successfully updated to Windows 10, but did not get a Windows 10 compatible driver
  • Your WIN 10 system does not have all the latest updates

If you purchased a new Windows 10 computer, or just upgraded to WIN 10 from a download or media, make sure to apply all the latest updates for WIN 10. To do that, be sure you have an internet connection, then click the “Start” button, enter “update” in the search window, then select the ‘Check for Updates” option.

Windows will search for any updates available for your system. Just follow the prompts to allow Windows Update to download and apply the updates to your Windows system. You can also activate Automatic Update so that your system remains current with all the updates Microsoft makes to WIN 10.

Now that you know your Windows system is up to date, it’s time to ensure you have the latest driver for your printer/copier.

Locating and Downloading Your Canon imageCLASS D530 Driver

There are a couple of ways in Windows to begin your search for the right driver for your system.

Use Windows Update

Start Windows Update, and select the ‘Check for Updates’ option:

Windows will try to do the work of locating driver updates appropriate for your system – missing or outdated drivers, and you can just follow the prompts provided for downloading and installing the recommended drivers.

The caveat for this method:

Not all manufacturers register driver updates on a timely basis – if at all – with Windows Update. This means the driver that is best for your system may not be available through this method.

Manufacturer’s Support Website

A more reliable method is to visit the manufacturer’s website and search for the Canon imageCLASS D530 copier driver that best matches your system. Since this multifunction printer/copier is compatible with multiple operating systems, be certain you select the version that’s right for you:

Once you’ve identified the driver that matches your system, click the “download” button, and the driver will be sent to your system. The location of your download is easy to find, but depends on your browser – for instance:

If you’re using Chrome, you can view your downloads in the gray bar at the bottom of the display, or hit the “show all” button to view all your downloaded files, if you have done more than one.

Internet Explorer users will find the downloads a little differently:

Regardless of how you downloaded the driver file, the remaining steps are the same.

Double-click on the downloaded file. The User Account Control window will be presented. Just click “Yes”.

The Setup Wizard will be initiated. Just follow the prompts to complete the driver setup.

The Easiest Way to Update Canon imageCLASS D530 Copier-Drivers

There is an easier way to update your Canon imageCLASS D530 copier driver – register with a full-service driver support program that does the work for you. With such sophisticated software, you take the guesswork out of driver updates not only for your Canon multifunction unit but for all your devices.

Driver Support makes updating all your drivers secure and simple:

  • Performs detailed analysis of your system for missing or outdated drivers
  • Locates the best drivers that are compatible for your exact system configuration
  • Does the installation for you with no manual interaction – what could be easier?

Give DriverSupport | ONE a try today! to find out not only how to update your Canon imageCLASS D530 driver, but every driver on your system.