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How to Reset a Brother HL-L2320d Printer After Changing Toner

Brother printers can sometimes be ornery in that they may not recognize when you have changed out the toner. That warning could still pop up, glaring in your face that toner is low or that it needs a replacement before you can continue printing. This occurrence can be incredibly frustrating when you have already wrestled with your printer on other occasions. The last thing you need is for your Brother HL-L2320d printer acting up on you when you’ve already remedied the problem.

What Calls for a Brother HL-L2320d Toner Reset

Sometimes, printers need to be coddled and told that everything is okay and functioning as normal. It is highly likely that your printer does not realize that you have already replaced the toner, which could cause the light to remain on even after you’ve changed your printer’s toner. How do you reset a Brother printer after changing the toner?

If your Brother HL-L2320d printer is not working and is displaying that you have yet to change the toner, it can be nearly impossible to print anything. Printing will cease until the situation is rectified. You should have already replaced the toner in your Brother HL-L2320d printer, but if the warning light is still implying you will not be able to print, you need to figure out a way to turn that light off.

Ways to Reset a Brother HL-L2320d Printer After Changing Toner

Luckily, there are quite a few things that you can do to get to the bottom of this problem. Follow the solutions below, and your issue with your Brother printer will be fixed in no time.

1. Check Your Printer’s Connection

Your go-to when it comes to figuring out what’s going on with your Brother HL-L2320d is to check out the printer first and see if it’s even actually connected to your computer. Occasionally, there can be more going on than what’s on the surface, and disconnecting and/or reconnecting your printer can sometimes solve issues without any more hands-on solutions.

First, you need to pull up your Settings app and click on the “Devices” option from there. This is where you will find information about your printer and its properties, as well as a few other devices like your mouse and touchpad.

Along the left side of the window, you will see different categories under this setting. You should click on the “Printers & scanners” option.

Once here, you can click on your Brother HL-L2320d printer. You’ll have two options – to open the queue or to manage your printer. While checking on the printer queue would be helpful in other situations, this time, you should opt for “Manage.”

After clicking “Manage,” you’ll have the option to click something that says, “Run the troubleshooter.” Running the troubleshooter will detect any problems your Brother HL-L2320d printer may be having.

If the connection between your printer and your computer isn’t established, try to reset your printer. Turn it off and on again. Sometimes, printers have trouble connecting to computers – and maybe resetting it will make the unhelpful warning go away, too.

If doing that doesn’t work, it might be time to restart your computer. Restarting your computer will refresh it and also get any pending updates cleared out of the way.

Always go through the restart button. It is not recommended that you hard reset your computer – that is, pressing and holding down the power button until the screen goes black – unless there is no other option. Opt for the safer way and go through the Windows menu whenever you are able.

2. Reset Your Printer Settings

If restarting your computer and attempting to establish a functional connection doesn’t work, you may have to look at resetting your printer settings altogether.

You can very easily restore your printer to its factory default settings, and while that might forego some customization you worked with, it won’t be difficult to set everything to your liking once again.

  1. Manually power down your printer.
  2. Then, once you’re certain it’s off, hold down the “Go” button until the printer turns on again.
  3. Wait for all the panel lights to pop up again.
  4. You must push the “Go” button repeatedly now, about ten times.
  5. After doing that, your device should have its settings restored to the factory default.

Restoring your Brother HL-L2320d printer to its factory default settings is recommended if you cannot manage to extinguish the “toner needed” light any other way. It is possible that, once your printer resets and begins operating on its factory default settings again, it will recognize that the toner has been replaced and the issue has been taken care of.

If the problem persists, you may have to look at a slightly trickier situation that will get to the root of the problem by checking on the device itself and how it runs with your personal computer.

3. Look at Your Drivers

If neither of the above solutions has worked for you and you still need a Brother HL-L2320d toner reset, it’s time that you take a look at your drivers and make sure that everything is running as it should be – that is, nothing is out of date and all available updates have been installed.

Drivers are essential to the well being of your personal computer. They run things behind the scenes and ensure that everything operates smoothly and accurately. If drivers didn’t exist, you would most certainly know it – none of your devices and computer accessories would operate as normal.

Don’t let the power of drivers convince you that they are invincible, immune to falling behind on updates. Drivers must be kept up to date to function to the best of their ability. They need updates, just like your computer needs to be updated to continue running at its best.

The device manager will lead you to the drivers and crucial updates that you may be missing. If you want to reach the device manager, the easiest way is to go through the Windows Start button (or the Windows key on your keyboard).

Your first result should be that of the image above. Clicking it will take you to the device manager, which lists out all the devices associated with your computer. It is there that you will find information about your Brother printer that will hopefully help you identify the problem and why it isn’t working.

When you click on your printer, it should look something like the image below. Everything in this window makes up your printer properties. Here, you can find out almost everything you need to know about your Brother HL-L2320d.

If you click on the “Details” tab, you will be taken to a dropdown list that can tell you all about your printer’s properties – including information about the driver, such as when it was last updated and the date associated with it.

From this point, you should be able to figure out if your driver needs an update and install the latest version from your Brother printer provider. This process can be time-consuming, but it is imperative that your drivers remain up to date for you to get the best possible functionality out of your computer and associated devices.

Ensuring that your drivers are up to par and running on the latest updates makes up for all the manual hunting that you must do to get there. Without updated drivers, your computing and printing experience would be less than amazing.

Driver Support Does the Hunting for You

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