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How to Fix Network Issues with Your Canon MF4880DW

There’s no question that Canon makes great printers, and the MF4880DW is no exception. This multifunction printer satisfies the needs of most home offices and small businesses, with its small footprint and many features:

  • Wireless setup and operation
  • Quiet operation and ease of use – tiltable control panel and simple key layout
  • Cost-effective printing solution

how to fix network issues with your Canon MF4880DW

The Canon MF4880DW is a perfect solution for wireless monochrome laser printing, handling every task you need in a single device:

  • Print with high-quality images – even duplex printing
  • Copy – at the same speed as printing – up to 26ppm
  • Scan – direct to PDF, JPEG and other formats
  • Fax – with fax memory up to 256 sheets

With its compact size and light weight, the MF4880DW is easy to place wherever you need it, with wireless operation that simplifies use by multiple computers without troublesome cabling.

To be sure, the printer has enjoyed great popularity with computer owners from individuals to small businesses, and even in large corporations for distributed printing requirements. It’s small, easy to install, wireless, and loaded with features.

What Could Go Wrong?

As attractive as the Canon MF4880DW multifunction printer is for meeting a variety of printing and copying needs, problems in using the printer have come up for some users:

  • Print jobs simply don’t start
  • Computers don’t communicate with the printer

When you’re unable to print successfully, there are a few easy troubleshooting steps to take:

  • Check the printer – is it on and in a ready status, with paper loaded?
  • Restart your computer – it’s amazing how many connectivity problems are resolved with a simple reboot
  • If other users in the office or your home are also experiencing connection issues, try powering off and on the network router and any network access points
  • Try making a copy or scanning a document, just to ensure the printer hardware is functioning normally
  • If the printer is running and these stand-alone functions are successful, check the computer’s connectivity

Are you able to work with other printers on your network or connect to the internet?

If not, the problem may be in your own computer, or it could be that the router or access point that services your computer is not functioning.

Check your own network connectivity:

Click the Start button and choose Settings, then Network & Internet

The status presented will let you know immediately if you are connected to a network from your computer.

Review your Status settings to determine if you’re having network issues from your computer.

Review your Status settings

Take the option to Change Your Network Settings, then choose Network Troubleshooter.

Network Troubleshooter

If your network status indicates that you are not connected, select Show Available Networks.

Show Available Networks

If the network you expect to see is displayed, select it, and press Connect.

press Connect

If you’re unable to find the network that should be available, or if the connection is unsuccessful, check your router or access point to determine if the network is currently unavailable.

If your network connection is available and the status is “Connected,” try the Network troubleshooter to help diagnose connectivity to your printer.

Select Network troubleshooter – when the troubleshooter opens, select Printer.

select Printer

The troubleshooter will provide a list of the printers it can recognize, allowing you to select the Canon printer you’re having issues with. If your printer does not show in the list, select the button that indicates, “My printer is not listed.”

My printer is not listed

Allow the troubleshooter to attempt to connect to your printer and provide you with any tips to resolve the network issue.

Your Network Connection May Not Be the Network at All

Once you’ve verified your network functions, confirmed that the printer is working, and find you can access the internet with no problems, it’s likely that the connection problem is not actually the connection at all – it may be the software.

Drivers are the programs on your system that communicate between your computer and all the devices on the network, including the MF4880DW. If your driver is missing, outdated, or even corrupted or damaged, you may not be able to use the printer properly, if at all.

Getting your printer up and running may require updating or installing the printer driver. You can do that in several ways:

Use Windows Update

Microsoft provides a tool – Windows Update – which you can use to search for any updates needed on your computer.

Select the Start button, Click Settings, then select Update & Security:

Update & Security

Select Windows Update, and click the Check for Updates button:

Check for Updates button

Windows Update will search for any updates that Microsoft has generated for your version of Windows, and will also check for updates to your existing drivers.

The problem is that not every manufacturer gets updated drivers for every device registered with Microsoft, or may not get them registered by the time you’re looking for them.

This utility is fairly easy to use, and prompts you through the process of downloading and installing the updated files. This may occasionally take a little time, depending on how many updates are identified for your system.

Once Windows Update has run through this entire process, you should restart your computer to make sure all changes are in full effect.

If you still have network issues with your Canon MF4880DW, your next step for resolution should be to find the latest driver update that Canon offers.

Update Your Driver from the Canon Website

Canon may have updates to the driver for your printer that were unknown to Windows Update. To be certain you have the latest driver the company offers, navigate to their support website, and search for the Canon MF4880DW driver that matches your version of operating system – WIN7, WIN10, Home or Professional, 32 or 64-bit, etc.

Once you find the driver that meets your system requirements, choose the option to download the driver for installation on your system.

Be sure to note the name of the file and the folder where it is saved. You will need that information to update the driver on your system.

After you download the driver, type “device” into the Windows search box, and select Devices and Printers from the list of programs that is displayed.

From the list of devices, find your Canon printer, right-click that device, and select Properties:


From the printer’s Properties panel, click the Properties button, then click the Driver tab.

click the Properties button, then click the Driver tab

On the driver panel, take the option to Update Driver.

Update Driver

You will be prompted to either search the internet for the best driver or browse your computer for the driver file.

Chose the option to browse, and point to the location where you downloaded the Canon driver file.

When the driver installation is complete, restart your computer, and resume using your Canon MF4880DW printer. If the driver was indeed your issue, the problem should be resolved.

Does That Sound Easy?

Many computer owners are not comfortable with handling technical issues with their systems. Locating the right drivers for your particular configuration can be confusing and often frustrating.

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