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How to Download the Logitech M325 Mouse Driver

Whether you recently purchased the Logitech M325 mouse, or you have the dreaded version error message appearing, it is important you know how to access the right driver for your device.

Device drivers optimize performance and sometimes make a mouse game-ready for new releases.

When you’re ready to download your Logitech M325’s mouse driver, you have two easy options for doing so.

Download the Logitech M325 Mouse Driver

What is the Logitech M325 Mouse?

The Logitech M325 mouse is a wireless mouse designed for everyday use. Its small, sleek design makes it ideal for travel, and it has smart battery use to give you up to 18 months off a single battery.

Most importantly, the Logitech M325 removes the need for your laptop’s touchpad for faster work and browsing online. Its shape conforms to your hand for added comfort, and it features the famous plug-and-play installation.

While Windows PCs will automatically detect your Logitech M325 mouse and download the proper driver from its system settings, that driver download may not be compatible with your specific system or may have a compatibility issue if you do a Windows Update.

Therefore, it is essential that you know how to access your existing driver and update it with a compatible version.

Easily Download the Logitech M325 Mouse Driver for Windows

Downloading a Logitech M325 mouse driver is the same as updating any device driver on your computer. To do so, you initiate the following steps:

1. Locate Your Device Manager

Since Logitech uses plug-and-play, the second you plug-in the USB port to your laptop or desktop Windows automatically downloads the driver. Eventually, you will see a pop-up saying your new device is ready to use – which takes less than one minute.

If you want to update or review the driver in your PC, go to the Device Manager – your PC’s hub for all drivers installed.

To find your Device Manager, click the search icon on your Windows taskbar and type “device manager” into the search option.

Search for Device Manager

In the results, Windows automatically pulls up your Device Manager from the control panel.

Click on the Device Manager to open it.

2. Find the Existing Driver for Your Logitech M325 Mouse

Inside the Device Manager, locate your “Mice and Other Pointing Devices” option.

Find the Existing Driver for Your Logitech M325 Mouse

With that menu expanded, right-click on the Logitech M325 mouse. Sometimes, Windows will give a generic name for the mouse driver if you did not install it manually.

For example, Windows 10 will often install the universal driver known as your HID-compliant mouse. After right-clicking on the proper mouse driver, select Properties.

Select Properties

Inside the Properties menu, you should see tabs at the top starting with General, Driver, Details, Events, Power Management.

For updates, click the Driver tab.

On the Driver Tab

On the Driver tab, you see your driver details. You should see the driver date, version, and provider.

Driver Details

Write down the details of the driver you are using, just in case you get an error after updating the driver.

3. Manually Update Using the Windows Option

Click Update Driver to initiate the automatic update. Windows will then download the Logitech M325 driver from its suitable suite of updates.

Windows Update

Windows updates should only take a few seconds, and your Logitech M325 should be updated and ready to use.

Should You Download the M325 Mouse Driver from the Manufacturer Site?

Another option is to bypass the automatic updates from Windows and go to the manufacturer. Getting the driver from the manufacturer is ideal, especially if you do not want to use the HID-compliant driver auto-installed by Windows 10.

Logitech does have their mouse and pointer drivers available online. However, their driver comes with SetPoint, which includes added features and takes up more space on your hard drive.

Logitech M325 Mouse Driver from the Manufacturer’s Website

When you visit their website, you will see the software version, and that last time that driver’s software received an update – along with which Windows systems it is compatible with.

Not only are you installing an 80MB file on your computer, but that version may not be compatible with your version of Windows – depending on how diligent you are with Windows updates.

Take the Guesswork Out by Using Automatic Updates

Instead of guessing which drivers you should update, or which Logitech driver is right for your system, use Driver Support instead.

Once you install Driver Support, it automatically inventories all device drivers on your computer, checks for applicable updates, and notifies you when an update is ready for download.

When you open the application, you see indicators next to your driver – letting you know an update is required.

Using Automatic Updates with Driver Support

Find the listing for your Logitech M325 driver in the list, and click Fix It! for Driver Support to update your driver automatically.

Find the listing for your Logitech M325 driver in the list

Now, you have the latest driver for your Logitech M325, and you are ready to get back to work, browsing, or even light gaming.

Most importantly, Driver Support helps eliminate any driver compatibility issues because it automatically looks for missing or outdated drivers based on your current system and updates.

Take the guesswork out of finding the right download for your Logitech M325 mouse driver and Give DriverSupport | ONE a try today!  on your PC instead.