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How to Download the Latest Canon Lide 110 Scanner Driver

The Canon CanoScan LiDE110 is a flatbed scanner with four EZ Buttons to automate the scanning process. The buttons enable you to digitize documents to create PDF files or email attachments quickly and easily. It also has a scan utility known as MP Navigator EX, which provides some photo album and image enhancement capabilities as well as optical character recognition (OCR).

To enable these features, your device needs seamless communication with your PC, which is only possible if you have the latest Canon Lide 110 Scanner Driver correctly installed.

Use Advanced Configuration and Features By Updating Canon Lide 110 Scanner Drivers

When you know how to download Canon Lide 110 Scanner driver and install correctly, you may then make the most of the impressive capabilities of your scanner. Having up-to-date software installed ensures that you have access to:

  • AutoScan Feature: It is easy to run an automated scan on the Lide 110. The EZ buttons on the front panel let you scan to PDF, copy, email or run the AutoScan. When you press the AutoScan button, the device analyzes your document and selects to automatically pick the best predefined settings.
  • Scanning from Third-party Applications: When the scanner’s latest WIA and TWAIN drivers are correctly installed, you can scan pictures and documents from all Windows software that supports the scan command.
  • Improved Scan Quality: While the AutoScan offers decent performance, you can improve the results further by tweaking the TWAIN driver settings. It offers an Advanced Mode, which gives you total control over brightness, resolution, and contrast.

Why You Should Update Generic Canon Lide 110 Scanner Drivers

When you build your own PC, buy a new machine or reinstall Windows on an older PC, you want to be sure that you are using the right drivers. Although the drivers that ship with your Windows installation may recognize your scanner just fine, you do not want to be stuck with a generic driver instead of the one offered by Canon.

The generic driver packages that install automatically with Windows are different from those offered by the manufacturer. This is because they usually provide only the bare minimum functionality to enable a device to work. Additionally, when you manually install a generic scanner driver from Windows Update, the driver package is installed without the MP Navigator EX control panel and a host of extra features that you may need.

What’s more, the generic drivers that are offered by Microsoft through Windows Update are usually a bit older. Since Microsoft does not update its drivers often, Canon has newer versions available for download as well as the newest edition of the control panel software.

If you visit the support section of the Canon website, you can search for – and find – the latest Canon Lide 110 Scanner Driver and install it manually. However, the process of manually installing drivers is complicated and, if you mess it up, could result in an unstable or unusable PC, or even damage to the scanner itself. If you are not confident about installing the scanner driver yourself, there is an online service available to help. Driver Support provides an application that scans your computer for any missing or outdated drivers. It then searches its database to find the newest driver, then downloads it and installs it onto your PC, saving you the time and hassle of manual installation.

How to Download Canon Lide 110 Scanner Driver Manually

You can update the generic Windows drivers with the latest versions from Canon manually. However, the process is complicated and requires you to search the internet for Canon’s customer support portal, find the latest driver available for your version of Windows, download it and install it yourself. You can avoid this tedious procedure by using an automated driver updater like Driver Support.

To find out just how complicated the process of manual driver installation is, here is a step-by-step guide to the entire process:

1. Visit the Canon Support Website

In your favorite browser, navigate to the Canon support website. In the search box, enter “Canon Lide 110 Scanner Driver” and click on the result that takes you to the driver download. Select your operating system and preferred language.

2. Choose Your Driver and Install

A list of drivers and software will be shown below the selection boxes depending on the options you picked in step 1. Choose the appropriate driver and click the blue Download button. Select a location to save the installer file then hit Save.

3. Accept the Software Terms and Conditions

A popup window will appear with the terms and conditions of use for the driver you chose. Click the blue button to accept the terms and download the driver.

4. Manually Install the Driver

Locate the download location of the driver, double-click the EXE file and follow the prompts to download and install the driver.

Let Driver Support Take the Hassle Out Of Downloading Canon Lide 110 Scanner Drivers

If you discover that any problems or shortcomings you are experiencing with your scanner involve drivers, Driver Support provides an automated updating service. The Driver Support application makes it easy for you to find the latest drivers for your Canon Lide 110 scanner, saving you the time you would otherwise waste searching for them yourself.

The application scans all your devices continuously and checks them against a constantly updated database to ensure that you always have the latest stable device drivers compatible with your operating system. In addition, the software backs up all your drivers to enable you to recover quickly in case your entire system crashes.

Having trouble acquiring images from your device? Get Driver Support software to easily update your Canon Lide 110 scanner driver today!