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How to Download Realtek Controller GBE Driver

Most computers are equipped with an ethernet port – something that lets you connect to wired internet. Since most plug and play (default) drivers will connect you to the internet, most people don’t make the effort to update their ethernet drivers.

Without regular updates, you may be exposing yourself to security vulnerabilities or making your speeds artificially lower than they need to be. Have you tried to update your Realtek GBE Controller recently?


What Is the Realtek Controller GBE Driver and Why Is it Important?

The Realtek controller GBE driver is an essential software component that helps enable the function of your PC’s Ethernet card. An Ethernet card is an integral part of your PC hardware that facilitates communication between an Ethernet cable and your PC.

Being able to connect your PC to the internet is an incredibly important function that many people simply can’t go without. For example, with folks who use the internet on a home computer, losing the ability to connect is not an option.

Ethernet cards are also incredibly useful in file sharing applications. With so much at stake in one little part, every PC owner should make an effort to protect Ethernet cards and keep them in good condition.

How to Keep Your Ethernet Card in Good Condition

Not only is keeping your Ethernet card in good condition a good idea, it can help extend the life of the part, while also extending the life of your PC. While specific basic recommendations like keeping your PC clean and free of dust will certainly help, there are more robust preventative measures that you can take.

Perhaps the most effective way to keep your Ethernet card in good condition is to maintain updates for the Realtek controller GBE driver.

What Are Device Drivers?

A device driver is a particular software component that helps PC hardware like your Ethernet card to work correctly and communicate with your machine. The Realtek controller GBE driver for Windows is one of many different types of device drivers, all of which are important and help support the smooth operation of your machine.

To help ensure that your PC and particular hardware components like Ethernet cards continue to run smoothly, you’ll need to keep your drivers updated.

Why You Need to Keep Your Drivers Updated

Lapses in updates on your drivers can cause severe performance problems. When certain drivers like the device driver on a PC monitor becomes severely outdated, it can cause your computer screen to go blank.

Problems like that can be scary as well as exceptionally frustrating. As you have learned here, an outdated Realtek controller GBE driver can prevent your computer from being able to connect to the internet.

The number one way to avoid all of these issues is to keep your device drivers adequately updated. That can be easier said than done; however, at least if you’re updating them manually.

How to update Realtek Controller GBE Driver?

So now that you know why it’s essential to keep it updated, how do you update a Realtek Controller GBE Driver? The process follows the same basic steps that you would take to update any other driver on your PC.

Start by pulling up Device Manager from the Start menu.


Your next step will be to find the Realtek driver from the list you’re presented with on Device Manager. If, for example, you were to update a similar driver, such as a Realtek network adapter, you’ll need to right-click on it and hit Properties.


From here you should click on the tab labelled Driver, then hit Driver Details to view more information.


You can also go ahead and update your driver by clicking on Update Driver.


While that may not seem too bad for updating one driver, it gets old fast when you’re repeating the entire process for each and every driver on your machine. That’s why you should spring for automatic updates.


Don’t Waste Time Updating Drivers on Your Own, Go Automatic Instead

Specialized software like Driver Support is one of the best software solutions on the market for keeping your device drivers like the Realtek controller GBE routinely updated. While it’s easy to make mistakes when updating your drivers on your own, you can’t go wrong with automatic updates.

Let’s face it; there are more critical and certainly more enjoyable things you can do with your day than sit around updating your Realtek controller GBE and every other driver on your PC. Go automatic, with Driver Support. The software has been helping keep PCs running smoothly since 1996.

Get Driver Support installed on your computer today and start enjoying the security and the confidence of automatic updates for your Realtek controller GBE drivers.