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How to Download NETGEAR Drivers & Ensure They’re Working Properly

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One of the biggest names in all of technology is NETGEAR. They’re beloved by countless people for their networking equipment, and the wealth of other technology they provide for homes, businesses, and gamers alike.

But it doesn’t matter how great your NETGEAR device is – all its specs and features are for nothing if the drivers aren’t installed properly. Drivers ensure the device works properly and won’t run into any unexpected compatibility issues with the rest of the system.

Drivers are groups of files that communicate with hardware and other software. But even if you know what drivers are, you may be unsure of how to download NETGEAR drivers. We’ll go over the older, traditional method here – plus show you how you can speed things up with Driver Support.

Updating Drivers with Driver Support Software

Anyone who has ever tried to update drivers or found their devices are always missing updates knows what a pain it can be. Luckily, services exist to help people avoid this problem.

Driver Support is a software built for updating and checking drivers. Rather than requiring the user to handle things manually, this software checks whether drivers are up to date for you. It does this by taking inventory of the computer and noting any drivers that are expired.

Drivers are often updated to reflect new changes and software patches, so it is easy for some to go out of date. This software offers the handy feature of keeping drivers up to date – but it won’t just let you know if a driver needs to be downloaded. When the software is fully registered, it offers another perk.

Fully registered Driver Support software will download all the drivers that are missing or outdated. This is a huge benefit to anyone, and especially to those who think missing drivers could be causing them problems.

How to Download NETGEAR Drivers Manually from the Web

Though it is much easier to download drivers with a dedicated software that inventories your computer for missing files, let’s cover the manual method first.

The NETGEAR support website offers links to the download center and the main support page. When searching, it is important to include precise model numbers of devices and exact names – every driver is different, even for devices in the same product family.

It is also possible to do this without going to NETGEAR’s site yourself. Simply do the following:

1. Open Device Manager: Open up your computer’s device manager by typing it into the start menu’s search bar. Users can also use the “run” dialogue box and type in “devmgmt.msc” to pull up the same application.

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2.   Choose the Right Device: Under device manager, you should see a list of device categories. You’ll need to pick the right one, which will then show a dropdown-style display of all related devices on your system.

Device Manager for HP








3.Update the Driver: When you right click on it, you should see a menu pop up that will give you the option to update the driver. You can click “update,” or “search automatically” to see if there are any updates available.

Updating HP Drivers





Using the automatic search function, you can locate any drivers available for your router or another device.  But what about if you want an even faster, simpler method?

The Benefits of Using Driver Support Over the Old Way

The old way of checking for drivers and updating them still works. However, the problem is that it works too slow and requires way too much effort on the part of the user.

Technology has been moving at a rapid pace over previous decades, so it should come as no surprise that the ways of handling standard tech functions have changed. Checking for driver updates and downloading them is no longer the cumbersome process it once was.

Driver Support speeds things up, but it also ensures greater driver accuracy. When people have hundreds of devices to check and maybe dozens of drivers to download, it is very easy for even the most attentive person to overlook something.

Now it is possible to get that type of uniformity among drivers, knowing each is updated, without spending countless hours checking and downloading them manually.