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How to Check if You Have an AMD Graphics Card

Your computer has a lot of specific parts that can be overwhelming when trying to find something on your machine. Graphics cards are one of the most important components on a PC, especially for gamers, designers, or users who stream lots of videos.

To find out if you have an AMD graphics card, you’ll have to do some digging. It doesn’t have to be complicated; here’s how you can get to the bottom of it with relative ease. Also, you’ll learn about the importance of keeping your drivers updated.

do you have an AMD graphics card?

What Is an AMD Graphics Card?

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices and is produced by Radeon Technologies Group. These graphics cards are generally extremely powerful. The graphics cards are an essential part of what your PC needs to display videos, pictures, and all manner of graphics.

Where Do I Find My Graphics Card Info?

Finding your AMD graphics card without busting open your PC can be challenging, but you can make it easy when you have the right information. How do I know what AMD graphics card I have?

Start by finding these important identifying features. Here’s how to check which graphics card you have in Windows 10.

Finding the Subsystem Vendor ID and Device ID

These are two forms of identification that can help you track down your graphics card. The IDs are shown as hexadecimals which can be challenging to decipher. Start by opening up your Device Manager.

The next step will be to expand the Display Adapters area after which the name of your display hardware should be visible.

In this case, the part is from the Intel HD Graphics Family. Your results will vary based on what type of PC you own.

The next thing you’ll need to do is right click on the display adapter you just pulled up and hit Properties.

Now click on Details. That will take you to the screen showing the more specific information that you need to answer how do I know what AMD graphics card I have?

The screen above displays what you need to identify your hardware. In this example, 0116 is the Device ID and 1179 is the Vendor ID. 1179 is associated with Toshiba, which is indeed the make of the PC used in this example. These are the characters to identify your graphics card.

If your PC has an AMD graphics card by Radeon, it will show up when searching for it and you can easily identify it. That’s how to check which graphics card you have for Windows 10.

Troubleshooting AMD Graphics Card Issues

An AMD graphics card is some powerful hardware, but you might find yourself experiencing problems with it at some point. No one knows when or why most of these problems occur, and much is uncertain except for a few basic principles.

Firstly, they are inevitable. You will have a problem with your AMD graphics card at some point in time if you keep your machine long enough. Secondly, many of the problems that come up can be resolved by updating your graphics card drivers. Finally, automatic updates are much more effective than performing manual updates.

The Importance of Updating Your Device Drivers

Device drivers are a critical part of your PC’s health. They are special software components that help your PC hardware work together properly. A problem with a device driver can cause your hardware to malfunction.

The most common problem that occurs is when your device drivers become outdated. When that happens, you can start experiencing PC issues.

The same is true of graphics cards. Their drivers will eventually go out of date and start causing problems. That’s why it’s so important to keep your drivers updated. Your first instinct might be to try doing this manually, but there are strong reasons against doing so. While updating your AMD graphics card’s driver is possible, it’s also an extremely long and tedious process.

Let’s face it, no one wants to sit around updating their drivers all day! That’s why you should install software like Driver Support to update all of your drivers automatically. The convenience of automatic updates is unparalleled; it’s the smart choice.

Why Can Driver Support Help After Learning the Answer to Where Do I Find My Graphics Card Info?

Installing Driver Support is one of the best, easiest, and most effective ways to optimize your PC. Not only will it benefit your AMD graphics card by keeping its drivers routinely updated, but all of your PC hardware containing device drivers will also be kept up to date. You’ve seen the answer to where do I find my graphics card info? So now you are ready to take the next step and keep it protected with automatic driver update software.

The best part, of course, is that it keeps them updated automatically, leaving you free to enjoy your day any way you please.

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