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How to Check and Complete Dell Software Updates

Dell is one of the best names in the business when it comes to PCs. To keep your Dell computer running smoothly and protected online, you should be aware of the software updates. Dell releases important software updates that can keep your computer in good condition.

Here’s what you need to know about Dell software updates and why you should always keep your Dell device drivers updated.

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What Is Dell Update?

Dell Update is the primary program for receiving software updates for Dell computers. With Dell Update, you can manage some of the most important updates that you’ll need to keep your PC in good condition and get the latest security patches.

Does Dell automatically update drivers? Not necessarily, but if you install something like Dell Update, it can do some automatic updates.

However, Dell Update won’t detect all of the updates you need, and you would be much better off augmenting your system with something more robust. That’s why you should use special software to keep everything updated for you.

How Do I Check for Dell Updates?

To check for updates on your Dell computer, you can start by opening the Dell Support page, enter the details of your Dell PC.

After entering your details, you’ll be able to see a list of updates available for download. From this list, you can select any updates that you want to be installed and initiate them.

Although the process can be simplified somewhat by reducing it to these steps, it can still be tedious. Especially when you consider the number of individual updates to go over. Not only do you have to determine which updates you would actually need, but you also have to keep up on it and check for updates routinely.

When you are using proprietary tools like Dell Update, you can customize your settings so that you only accept recommended or critical updates.

Having the freedom to choose what kind of updates you want to acknowledge allows for enhanced flexibility. You can also choose to subscribe to update notifications for different segments.

While checking the recommended updates box is typically a good practice, minimalists can opt for only downloading updates that are critical. This may save you from getting unneeded tools from Dell. One type of update that you don’t want to ignore, however, are device driver updates.

How Do I Install Dell Drivers? Let Driver Support Do It for You

Device drivers are special software components that help your computer hardware run properly. When they become severely outdated, serious PC performance problems can occur, including blank screens.

How do I install Dell drivers? While there are a number of ways to update your Dell drivers, software solutions like Driver Support are the most effective choice.

For those of you who already have something like Dell Update installed, does Dell automatically update drivers? To an extent. Other programs like Driver Support, however, are much more effective.

When it comes to updates to keep your PC running smoothly and in good condition, you’ll want Driver Support to do the job. That’s because you can always count on Driver Support to do it right. The software has been keeping PCs including Dells in good condition since 1996.

Why You Should Refrain From Updating Your Drivers Manually

If you’re not comfortable with the backend of Windows, you could cause damage to your system by trying to install incorrect drivers. While these guides and other guides from our knowledgebase may help you with the process, you should still have some sort of level of comfort with your system.

If you find that updating drivers manually is daunting, or that you’re not confident in installing drivers by yourself, Driver Support exists as a solution to automatically update drivers in a simple-to-use interface.

If you decide to manually update your Dell drivers, here’s how to do it.

To see just how tedious updating device drivers on your own can be, let’s have a look at a simplified explanation of the process.

Start by opening up your Device Manager on Windows. To do this, open the Start Menu and type “Device Manager” in the search box.

Next, you’ll want to hover over one of your devices with the cursor, right click, and hit Properties.

Under Properties, you need to click on the Driver tab. The Driver tab will show you everything you need to know about the state of your driver for that component. You can also manually update it from here by selecting Update Driver.

This works by reaching out to Microsoft’s official repository for drivers, seeing if there’s a newer one, and downloading it and installing it. However, Microsoft’s database isn’t updated very often, which usually means that many versions of driver updates don’t get passed to it.

The alternative would be to use special software programs like Driver Support, which will apply the updates for you automatically – and safely! The ability to have all of your drivers updated automatically is an incredible convenience for tens of thousands of users, you’ll see why we’ve received thousands of 5-star reviews from our users.

To keep your Dell computer running in good condition over time, you’ll need tools like Driver Support to automate some of the most critical upkeep functions. Using Driver Support can help keep your PC running smoothly for years to come and unaffected by the problems caused by severely outdated drivers.

Install Driver Support for the Superior Performance on Your Dell PC

Installing Driver Support is the smart way to keep all of your device drivers routinely updated. By performing the updates automatically, Driver Support is the premier choice when it comes to convenience. Not only is this software convenient, but it’s also exceptionally effective. With Driver Support on your machine, you’ll never experience PC problems due to outdated drivers again.

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