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Fixing an Unresponsive Canon MAXIFY MB2720

Printers are lifelines, no matter how you look at it. They’re essential to every type of work in one way or another. When your printer isn’t doing its job, it’s incredibly likely that your own job will suffer as a result.

As such, you need a reliable printer that you can count on to print the documents and files that are crucial to your working or everyday life.

Fixing an unresponsive Canon MAXIFY MB2720

If your Canon MAXIFY MB2720 printer isn’t responding, the problem can be traced back to several potential issues. With prompt attention, you can get back to your printing job.

Knowing how to fix a Canon not responding error is essential to understanding your printer and preventing a similar situation from happening again.

How to Check the Basics

Remember that your Canon MAXIFY printer has to be fully powered on in order to work. This may seem elementary, but something may have lost its connection to power without your knowledge.

If a light is flashing, the printer is not ready yet. Do not try to print something while the light is flashing, as the printer is still booting up. It will not be able to process your documents.

Once your printer is fully on, you can try again. If your Canon printer is still unresponsive, try some of these tricks to kick it into work mode again – and hopefully, get rid of that printer not responding error for good.

Clear Out the Print Queue

If you have a lot of documents waiting in your print queue, items can get backed up and nothing can push its way through to the printer.

The presence of so many waiting documents can clog up the queue, rendering it impossible for you to print anything.

To reach the print queue, you need to pull up your Settings app.

From there, select “Devices.”

The toolbar on the left will have an option for “Printers and scanners,” and that’s the one you need to choose in order to access all the printing devices affiliated with your computer.

Once you identify and click on your printer, you’ll see two options. The correct one to choose here is “Open queue.”

Open queue

A small window will pop up detailing which documents are currently waiting to be printed.

This window will tell you how many documents are currently in waiting, as well as details like when it was sent to the printer and who the author is.

how many documents are currently in waiting

Even if these documents are the ones that you need to print off, cancel them for now. You can cancel them by right-clicking on the name of the document and clicking “Cancel.”

Canceling the document will remove it from your print queue.

clicking Cancel

Once you cancel all of the documents and empty your print queue, your Canon MAXIFY printer should start printing your documents again as you assign them to the printer.

Be careful not to send too many documents to the print queue again.

Try a Direct Connection

If you’re exclusively trying to print wirelessly and it isn’t working, try printing via a USB cable. The use of a direct connection could simplify the printing process and can certainly get documents printing just as quickly as a wireless setup would.

Wireless printing can be tricky sometimes, and it’s difficult to get the settings just right so that documents print flawlessly every time.

When wireless printing fails you, you can always try to connect your Canon MAXIFY MB2720 to your computer manually, and perhaps that action will remedy any issues that come along with the convenience of wireless printing.

With a cabled connection, there is less confusion and also fewer obstacles in the way that can keep you from printing your necessary documents.

Wireless connections may be difficult in that certain factors may be positioned wrong or there might be something in the way, causing your Canon MAXIFY to be unable to print something.

Cabled connections via a USB cord are typically the safer route, even if it means you cannot print from anywhere in your home or office.

Try connecting a USB cord from your personal computer to your printer. Attempt to print something from there. You can print a test page by going into your “Printers and scanners” setting and clicking “Manage” under your printer.

“Printers and scanners” setting and clicking “Manage”

Printing a test page via a USB cabled connection will enable you to see if your wired connection works.

If so, it might be a good idea to troubleshoot your wireless connection and lean on a wired connection until that problem is resolved.

Restart Your Computer

When all else fails, you should always consider restarting your computer. This solution is a go-to for many problems that users run into with their computers. A fresh reboot can heal a lot of problems, similar to how a good night’s sleep can make a person feel better. Restarting your computer might reestablish the connection to your Canon MAXIFY MB2720 printer so that it can start working again.

Restarting your computer will not only refresh your session but include the installation of any new or pending updates. If you click on your Windows Start button at the bottom left of your screen (or press the Windows key on your computer’s keyboard), you can easily find the power button. Once you click the power button, you’ll be greeted with something like the image below.


There’s a chance that your computer will have updates pending, in which case it will say something along the lines of “Update and restart.”

Choose this option – it’s always a good idea to have your computer running on the latest update, so it couldn’t hurt to let that install while you wait for your computer to restart.

If you haven’t updated your computer in a while, it is recommended that you install the newest update and see just what benefits await you.

You can check if your computer needs an update by searching for the word “update.”

Check for updates

When you click on that option, you will be greeted by a new window detailing the last time you updated your computer and whether new updates are ready to go.

You should install new updates whenever you get the chance to make sure that your computer is functioning at its full capacity.

Who knows – an update could also be standing between your computer and your printer, creating a disconnect and causing a slew of issues to prevent the order from going through.

Update Your PC Drivers

Your drivers should also be running on the latest versions, installed whenever they become available.

Drivers are a hidden part of your computer, but they do a lot of work to ensure that your computer and all its devices work to the best of their ability.

Drivers are crucial to the operation of your personal computer and should not be overlooked. Sometimes, drivers don’t update as they should and may desperately need new updates installed for devices and accessories to work correctly.

Updating your drivers is one of the most important things you can do for your computer.

To check your drivers, you’ll need to right-click on the Windows Start button.

Click on “Device Manager” in order to pull up a list of items connected to your computer that run on drivers.

select Device Manager

Once there, you’ll see a long list. What you’re searching for is going to be under the Printer category.

Search for your printer’s name and click on it. A new dialog box will open, one that contains all of the information about your printer.

Devices and Printers folder

From here, you can check the tabs and learn more about the operations of your printer. Clicking on “Devices and Printers Folder” will take you to a new window.

This window displays information on your computer and printers affiliated with it. By selecting your printer from the list, you can manage all of its properties, from the print queue to your printing preferences.

Selecting your printer in this window also allows you to remove the device. You will have to install it again, but upon reinstallation, small technical issues can disappear.

remove the device

You can install new updates to the drivers for your other devices from the Device Manager, and you can also choose to uninstall and reinstall the driver if you wish.

Just remember that you have to be an administrative user on your computer in order to make any changes to these parts.

Once your driver is running the most recent update, or you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled your printer’s driver, the problem with your Canon MAXIFY MB2720 will likely be resolved.

It will be operating on a new update with fresh functionality and benefits. You should notice a difference in the way it works almost immediately.

Driver Support Makes Updating Easier

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It is crucial to the success of your computer that your drivers are checked on and updated whenever possible.

There’s a way to make that happen with less work on your part. Driver Support offers software that automatically records what devices on your computer use drivers.

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