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Epson Workforce Pro Series 3640 driver

The Epson Workforce Pro Series 3640 is a marvel of convenience as well as printing power. Those fortunate enough to have one of these machines is sure to enjoy the benefits of enhanced productivity. With that in mind, even the best of equipment encounters problems from time to time. Here’s what you should know about troubleshooting and the importance of downloading and updating the 3640 driver.

The Epson Workforce Pro Series 3640

The Epson Workforce 3640 is a great printer for either home use or small businesses. The printer features three paper trays and the front can hold up to 500 sheets.

Another advantage of the Epson Workforce 3640 is that it saves money by lowering costs on ink. It also sports mobile printing meaning you can print from your phone or tablet.

Troubleshooting an Epson Workforce 3640

While not frequent, the Epson Workforce 3640 can encounter serious performance problems. These issues can often be resolved by troubleshooting.

Paper Jams

When you experience a paper jam with an Epson 3640, you should remove the ink cartridges to access the holders to remove any paper that may be stuck in them. Also, be sure to remove paper that is stuck in the rollers.

The most common cause for a paper jam on an Epson 3640 is overly tightened edge guides. When the edge guides are too tight paper gets stuck easily. After you have cleared the printer, adjust the edge guides and loosen them to ease the flow of the paper.

Problems with Print Quality

No one enjoys seeing print jobs come out blurry or with otherwise terrible quality. Fortunately, when this happens, the ink cartridges are typically at fault rather than the printer itself. Try reinstalling the toner cartridge. If that does not resolve the issue, try a new cartridge.

The Epson Workforce Pro Series 3640 Driver

One thing you’ll certainly need for your printer to work properly is the Epson Workforce Pro Series 3640 driver. You can get the Epson Workforce Pro Series 3640 driver download yourself by visiting Epson’s website.

It is extremely important to download and install the latest Epson firmware for peak performance. You should know that there are convenient software solutions like Driver Support that can download the drivers automatically. Using software to automate the Epson Workforce Pro Series 3640 driver download is a great strategy that can save you time and energy.

When Outdated Device Drivers Cause Performance Problems

In many other cases, the culprit for performance problems with any Epson 3640 is an outdated driver. Device drivers are specialized software programs that help your hardware work properly with other components.

When a driver becomes severely outdated, it can start making systems go wonky. Monitors can go blank and PC mice can suddenly stop working. Similarly, the Epson 3640 can malfunction because the drivers are out of date.

When outdated drivers are at fault, updating them will restore functionality to the printer and resolve the performance issues you’ve been experiencing.

How to Update Your Device Driver Manually

Although you can update device drivers on your own, it’s not recommended. The principal reason for this is that it is dreadfully tedious and fussy to perform these updates manually.

If you are bound and determined to try updating your drivers by yourself, start by opening Device Manager from the Start menu.

Next, you’ll want to select the device in question, right-click on it, and hit Properties to proceed.

From here you should click on the Driver tab towards the top of the screen.

Now you can click on Driver Details to view more information on the driver that can help.

Once finished reviewing the information you can return to the previous tab and click Update Driver. After clicking on it, the update process will begin. Now that you have seen the number of steps involved in manually updating a device driver you can see how it would get old fast.

Remember, you will have to repeat the entire process for each individual device driver that is out of date.

Why You Should Use Software to Update drivers Automatically

The inconvenience of manual updates is intolerable and no one should have to subject themselves to doing it alone. Skip the hassle and install software to update drivers automatically. With specially designed software like Driver Support, you can forget about manual updates and enjoy uninterrupted use of your Epson 3640 Pro Series printer.

Use Driver Support and Improve Performance on Epson 3640 Pro Series Printers

When you install Driver Support on your machine, you’re making an investment in its long-term performance. When it comes to outdated drivers, the same issues you experience with an Epson 3640 can happen with any other printer.

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