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Elgato HD Pro 60 Input Problems

The PlayStation and Xbox have features that let players record and stream their gameplay. However, they are severely limited and not as powerful as a fully dedicated video and audio capture device.

If you have a long session of playing games, you can forget about recording your gameplay on your console due to these limitations.

Elgato HD PRo 60 Input Problems

The Elgato HD Pro 60 game capture fills this gap, as it can record your session for as long as you have space on your hard drive or cloud storage.

It will accept any type of unencrypted HDMI signal of up to 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution. The device can stream to the internet or record to your computer with minimal setup and through a convenient software interface.

The Elgato HD Pro 60 is designed to be a simple solution for gamers who want to seamlessly stream gameplay onto online services like Twitch or upload Let’s Play videos to YouTube.

It features a USB 3 connection and fast video processing that will let you stream your gameplay through capture software without having to rely on a pass-through signal.

However, with this power, there are some catches: the device is infamous for its numerous video and audio input issues especially upon the first setup.

Let’s examine the Elgato HD Pro 60 input problems and possible fixes for them.

Why is Elgato Not Picking Up Game Audio?

With this device, you can stream your gameplay video and audio through third-party apps known as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and XSplit, if you are running a Windows system.

With the default settings enabled, you may experience a delay between the time you speak into the microphone and the action appearing on the screen.

There could also be complete silence, despite the fact that your microphone appears to be live.

Though it may appear to be complicated, there is always a fix that can solve these audio issues or problems with the video quality.

All you require is a systematic approach or some help from an online service like Driver Support.

How to Fix Sound Quality Issues

When you try to stream your gameplay from your favorite game console, you could experience delays or a total dropout of sound or video.

Here are some possible fixes you could try when you encounter an Elgato HD Pro 60 input problem on your Windows computer.

1. Run the Windows Audio Troubleshooting Tool

If you have perfect sound on your PC on other applications but still experience audio dropouts, distortions, or delays from the Elgato HD Pro 60, there is an audio troubleshooting tool that is built natively into Windows.

The tool will give you clues to what could possibly be causing your issues and suggest a potential fix.

Additionally, the tool will let you know if you have incorrectly installed software or hardware, or if you need to connect HD60 Pro drivers or native sound drivers.

2. Ensure That Your Game Console is Set to Output Audio

PlayStation, Xbox and other game consoles offer you various options to output your gameplay audio. It is important to ensure that you have chosen the correct audio output options for the Elgato HD60 Pro.

If you have the PlayStation connected to the device, verify that you have set up your audio output to Audio Input Connector / SCART / AV MULTI.

For the Xbox 360 with an HDMI connection, you can set up audio output by using the settings below:

  1. Boot up your Xbox console—ensuring that there is no disc in the tray.
  2. Browse to Settings and pick System.
  3. Pick console settings and choose Audio.
  4. Choose Digital Output than pick Digital Stereo.

3. Check That the Cables are Properly Connected

A simple, but often overlooked problem is that you could have connected S-video, composite or component connectors without the red or white analog cables connected.

To fix this issue, ensure that both the red and white audio cables are firmly connected to both the video source as well as the A/V cable that connects to the Elgato Game Capture HD60.

3. Verify the Elgato Game Capture Software is Not Muted

At the bottom right-hand corner of the Elgato Game Capture HD software, there is a mute button. If this button has been selected, there will be no audio streamed or copied on your computer, even though you may hear the audio play on your pass-through TV.

If muting is on, you will see a red slash across your mute button.

If you need audio to play on both your TV and computer simultaneously, then you need to unmute the Elgato Game Capture HD software.

 4. Increase the Software Game Audio

Another reason you could be experiencing problems with audio on the Elgato Game Capture HD could be that the device software has a game audio level that has been set too low.

This fix requires you to check Elgato Game Capture HD software’s settings to ensure that the audio is not muted and the right volume level is selected.

 5. Turn on the HDMI Output Selected with Analog Audio

To ensure that you get audio out from your gaming session, verify that the red and white analog audio cables have the Analog Audio setting on.

 6. Correct the Computer Volume Setting

If you notice a low or muted sound, check that your computer has been set to the correct volume and that the audio is turned on.

7. Install the Elgato HD 60 Driver Correctly

If all of the above steps do not help you to resolve your audio issues with the Elgato HD60 Pro on your pass-through TV or computer, then it could be an issue with your drivers.

You may install the drivers manually through the steps below to see if you can resolve the issue.

  1. Visit the Elgato website, download the driver, and extract the files to a folder on your hard the driver
  2. Go to Desktop, right-click My Computer, click Settings then select Device Manager on the right-hand side menu. Navigate to Game Capture HD and pick Update Driver Software.Update Driver Software


  1. Select Browse My Computer for driver software when prompted.Select Browse My Computer
  2. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded and extracted the drivers and press Next
  3. Windows will require permission to install drivers, especially if your permissions are set for you to confirm.require permission to install drivers
  4. Once completed, you will see a prompt informing you that you have successfully installed the Elgato HD60 Pro driver.Elgato HD60 Pro driver

As you can see, installing the OEM drivers manually is a highly complicated process that can be eased with the use of a software search solution like Driver Support.

Stream Your Gameplay in HD with the Best Possible Sound with Driver Support

Going through all the steps above will give you insights into why you are not getting the best sound from your streaming device and hopefully help you find a solution.

If the Elgato HD60 Pro input problem is as a result of a wrong or incorrectly installed driver, then you can count on Driver Support to automatically scan your PC and give you an inventory of all supported devices.

When the software is fully registered, it provides you with a list of all outdated drivers and downloads drivers automatically so you do not have to locate and install them manually.

Ensure that you record in-sync, clear audio from your gameplay on the Elgato HD 60 Pro.

software today to install updated drivers and enjoy the best sound quality possible.