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Download Earlier Versions of Windows

Downloading earlier versions of Windows is not only possible, but it’s also easy! Especially when you have the right tips to make the backwards compatibility transition easier to accomplish. Once you’ve downloaded an earlier version of the Windows OS, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right environment on your PC to make the most of it. As you will soon discover, making sure that your device drivers are updated properly is one of the most critical factors.

how to get earlier versions of windows

It’s still a Windows World

Windows took the world by storm, and after it hit the ground running, it never stopped and has shaken the computing world ever since.

Over the years Windows has released an ever-expanding variety of editions of its revered OS. Some of you, for reasons of your own, will want to download an older version of Windows at some time.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to download not only older editions of the Windows OS, but also essential productivity software like Microsoft Office. The more versions of Windows and Office that come out, the more different flavors of the two there are to experience. The bottom line is that while there are many different varieties of the Windows operating system and Office to use, they are all Windows software.

The vast amount of Windows software that is on the market and currently in use has multiplied since the 1990s. Windows has accomplished some of the most incredible advancements in computing, and the technology has changed everyday life to a large extent.

Here’s how you can download older versions of Windows, like Windows 10, followed by instructions on downloading earlier editions of Office and why updating your drivers is essential.

How do I Download an Older Version of Windows 10?

Most older computers cannot support newer versions of Windows 10, meaning you’ll need to download an older version of it.

You can procure older versions of the Windows OS including Windows 10 and run them safely on your machine, but you’ll need some guidance.

Microsoft has something called the Creators Update. The company still has files for Windows 10 1607, because so many systems support it, new and old. Application compatibility can be one of the main reasons for wanting to stick with older versions of Windows 10. If you have to upgrade, and your system doesn’t work as well after, you will most likely have to go back to your prior version, to make sure the system functions.

A few expensive options to obtain the older versions include MSDN and Volume Licensing, both of which are usually used for larger corporations. If you can gain access to either of them, they are both good options to consider first.

To help with the downloading of older versions, you may want to create a recovery drive on your existing system that runs on 1507 or 1511. Some of the files from the download are not recovered on these systems and do not get updated when they are installed. Having the recovery drive will help keep all of the files updated.

Third party websites try to get in the mix when it comes to having ways to download older versions of Windows 10. Users can download systems like Windows 10 1507, 1511, 1607, and 1703 in both 32 bit and 64-bit architectures and languages. If you use this way, you’ll be able to verify it using an MD5/SHA1 verifier.

When you download Windows 10, you’ll want to avoid using the media creation tool.

You’ll have an option of downloading the 32 bit or 64-bit version of Windows. Depending on your machine, you’ll want to pick one or the other, but generally, the 64-bit is the better choice.

After you hit download, you can right click on it and hit show in folder to view the application.

Can I Buy Older Versions of Microsoft Office?

Can I buy older versions of Microsoft Office? The answer is absolutely! These options include the greatly popular Microsoft Office 2010. The best and most recommended way for you to download an older version of Microsoft Office like this is directly from Microsoft’s website.

You’ll need a Microsoft account of course.

You should keep in mind that even older editions of the software, like Microsoft Office 2007, are no longer covered by Microsoft support.

Office 2013 and 2016 are the most conservatively priced 365 options available and will work just as well as anything newer. There is, after all, nothing inherently wrong with using an older version of Office. The features that were included in the earlier editions serve much the same purposes as any newer edition of the software.

Toward the end of the installation process, you’ll see a screen outlining the features that come with the version of Office you downloaded. After that, you’re all set and will have access to all of the Office features.

For most office operations, an older edition of Office can perform perfectly fine and meet or exceed all of your requirements. One of the major advantages here, of course, is the cost savings as these older editions are much cheaper than newer versions of Office.

Why Updating Your Drivers Is Important When Using Older Versions of Windows and Microsoft Office

You’ve seen the answer to the question, how do I download an older version of Windows 10?
Now that you know how to download an older version of either Windows or Microsoft Office, you also need to ensure that your device drivers are going to be kept properly updated. That’s especially important when you download particularly older versions as Microsoft has rescinded support for much of the older software.

One of the best ways to protect your PC and keep everything running smoothly together is to keep your device drivers updated.

Device drivers are specialized programs that are designed to keep hardware working properly and integrates parts of your system. These programs are especially important when trying to run software like older versions of a Windows OS on your machine.

Why You Should Opt for Automatic Driver Updates Over Doing it Yourself

While it’s entirely possible for you to update your device drivers by yourself, this is a tedious and extremely irritating process that no one really wants to do. Luckily you don’t have to. You can rely on reliable software programs like Driver Support.

Make the Right Choice, Install Driver Support to Make Older Windows and Office Run Smoothly

Installing Driver Support is the best way to make any version of Windows that you own work like a charm. The software has been helping PCs run smoother since 1996, making it a trusted veteran that can be trusted to do the job.

You can’t go wrong with programs like Driver Support. By installing the software on your PC, you are making a smart decision. Not only will the older versions of Windows and Office that you download run more smoothly, but you also won’t have to worry about a plethora of other PC issues like when monitors go blank because the monitor’s driver has gone severely outdated.

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