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DNS Address Could Not Be Found Windows 10

DNS error windows 10

When Windows says “DNS address could not be found”, the error can be difficult to troubleshoot without the proper information. Not being able to connect to the internet can be a frustrating experience! Here is some expert advice on how to navigate this error, resolve it, and even prevent it from happening again.

First Some Setup Information

Before fully digging into the DNS address could not be found troubleshooting process, you’ll need to wipe your machine’s cookies and browser caches. Clearing your cache and cookies will help rule out other causes and get your system primed for applying troubleshooting methods.

This error has a lot of potential causes, the most common of which is having outdated device drivers on your machine. This issue can be easily fixed and prevented by savvy use of specialized software like Driver Support.

DNS Error Troubleshooting Tips

Turn the tables on the DNS address could not be found error with these troubleshooting tips. There are a wide variety of possible causes for this error, the most common issue leading to this error code is out of date drivers.

Try Resetting TCP/IP for your selected internet device

Sometimes this issue can be caused by the TCP/IP being damaged or corrupted. In these cases, the TCP/IP needs to be reset to solve the problem.

To do this, you’ll have to open the command terminal and enable administrative privileges.

Reset the Winsock entries using the following command, netsh Winsock reset.

Next, you should reset the TCP/IP stack with, netsh int ip reset.

To finish the process, enter the following commands in sequence.

  •         ipconfig /release
  •         ipconfig /renew
  •         ipconfig /flushdns
  •         ipconfig /registerdns

The final command from the sequence above will re-register the DNS address. Re-registration can solve the issue in many cases.

Try Resetting the Internet Settings

Resetting the internet settings is another possible solution to this issue. To do this follow the following series of steps. Hit the Windows key and the R button, then type inetcpl and go under the advanced options.

After doing that, hit the reset button and go under your Chrome settings. Then under advanced settings, click reset settings and restart your Windows computer.

Completing these steps will reset your internet settings and in some cases can resolve the issue you’re experiencing.

Try Using Google’s Cleanup Tool

Buggy software can also be a root cause of computer problems like the one addressed here. In these cases, using Google’s cleanup tool can be a good idea and resolve a lot of Windows issues. If bad software is the cause, Google’s cleanup tool is an easy way to fix these issues.

Why Outdated Device Drivers Can Cause the DNS Address Could Not Be Found Error on Windows 10

You are most likely experiencing this error because of the presence of outdated device drivers on your machine. You can always update your drivers manually, but this can be a harrowing process and is seldom worth the time.

In most cases, you’d be better off using an automatic service like Driver Support’s software. This software is one of the easiest, most reliable and convenient tools on the market. It pays to enlist the services of a trustworthy company like Driver Support that can make a real difference in your life by making issues like these a thing of the past.

Driver Support, the Smart Choice for Windows 10 Errors Like DNS Address Could Not Be Found

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