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DivX Deception: Boosting Security with DriverSupport

DivX, a widely-used software for high-quality video playback and compression, has recently faced scrutiny due to reports from about its deceptive practices. This article aims to shed light on DivX’s violations of AppEsteem’s Deceptor Requirements (ACRs) and their impact on users and systems. We will also explore how DriverSupport can assist in addressing these issues. Additionally, we’ll delve into the partnership between DriverSupport and, working together to protect users against deceptive apps. Give DriverSupport | ONE a try today!

Defining Deceptor and ACR

  • Deceptor Defined: A “Deceptor” is any app or service that violates one or more of AppEsteem’s Deceptor Requirements, which are indicators of deceptive and risky behavior that can harm consumers.
  • ACR Explanation: The term “ACR” stands for “AppEsteem Certification Requirement,” comprising a set of criteria that software applications are expected to meet to ensure transparency, safety, and ethical behavior.

DivX’s ACR Violations and Their Impact

These are the versions of the application that have been flagged as of 12/06/23:,,,

ACR-042: Unauthorized Introduction of Unrelated Components

ACR Criteria: No unrelated components should be introduced without providing a clear option for user authorization through explicit permission.

DivX’s Violation: DivX introduces unrelated components without obtaining explicit user permission, violating ACR-042.



ACR-043: Undisclosed Installation of Third-Party Components

ACR Criteria: Any installation of third-party components should be disclosed to the user.

DivX’s Violation: DivX installs third-party components from “The Qt Company Ltd” without prior disclosure to the user, breaching ACR-043.

ACR-107: Lack of Authorization for Third-Party Components

ACR Criteria: The app must obtain proper authorization for the use of third-party components.

DivX’s Violation: DivX does not obtain the necessary authorization for using third-party components from “The Qt Company Ltd,” violating ACR-107.

ACR-048: Absence of User Control during Installation

ACR Criteria: Users should have control over canceling the installation and removing any related startup items and scheduled tasks.

DivX’s Violation: DivX does not allow users to cancel the installation or provide control to remove the startup item and scheduled tasks created during the installation, infringing upon ACR-048.

ACR-013: Non-Consented Offers during Installation

ACR Criteria: During installation, users should not be interrupted by non-consented offers to install unrelated software.

DivX’s Violation: DivX interrupts users during installation with non-consented offers to silently install unrelated software, violating ACR-013.


ACR-060: Hidden Offer Network

ACR Criteria: The offer network should disclose itself in its offers, especially when silently installing unrelated software.

DivX’s Violation: The offer network used by DivX does not disclose itself in its offers, resulting in the silent installation of unrelated software, contravening ACR-060.

ACR-084: Undisclosed Scheduled Task and Startup Creation

ACR Criteria: Any scheduled task or startup action should be disclosed and require user consent.

DivX’s Violation: DivX creates an undisclosed scheduled task and startup action without the user’s knowledge and consent, breaching ACR-084.

ACR-118: Incomplete Uninstallation

ACR Criteria: When users attempt to uninstall the app, it should be completely removed without retaining components or files.

DivX’s Violation: DivX retains some components and files without the user’s knowledge when they attempt to completely uninstall the app, violating ACR-118.

How DriverSupport Can Help

DriverSupport plays a crucial role in enhancing user security and system integrity by addressing deceptive practices in software like DivX. Here’s how it can assist:

  • Blocking Deceptive Apps: DriverSupport can proactively prevent deceptive apps from running on your PC, protecting your system from potential threats.

Steps to Maintain System Security with DriverSupport

1. Installation and Setup

Ensuring your system’s security begins with installing and setting up DriverSupport. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official DriverSupport website and download the installation file.
  • Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  • Once installed, open DriverSupport and register your product.

2. Scanning for Deceptive Software

DriverSupport uses advanced scanning techniques to identify and flag deceptive software and ACR violations. Here’s how it works:

  • Run a system scan using DriverSupport to check for deceptive apps like DivX.
  • The tool will analyze your system and provide a comprehensive report on potential issues.

3. Identifying and Removing Deceptive Apps

DriverSupport simplifies the process of identifying and removing deceptive apps. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Review the scan results to identify deceptive software, including DivX.
  • DriverSupport offers clear options to safely remove these apps from your system.
  • Follow the prompts to uninstall DivX or any other deceptive software.

4. Regular System Check-Ups

Maintaining the security and integrity of your system requires regular check-ups with DriverSupport:

  • Schedule periodic system scans with DriverSupport to ensure ongoing protection.
  • Regular updates keep the tool’s database current, allowing it to identify new threats effectively.

DivX: A Clear Conclusion

In conclusion, DivX’s deceptive practices, as exposed by, underscore the critical importance of exercising vigilance when selecting software. Furthermore, with the invaluable assistance of DriverSupport, users can fortify their systems against deceitful software like DivX, thereby ensuring a markedly safer and more secure computing experience.

Moreover, the collaborative partnership between DriverSupport and aspires to furnish users with a comprehensive solution for combatting deceptive apps, ultimately nurturing trust and bolstering security in the digital realm. For individuals actively seeking heightened system security and fortified protection against deceptive software, taking the proactive step of downloading and installing DriverSupport emerges as a prudent choice. Remain secure, safeguard your digital environment, and relish uninterrupted video playback with complete peace of mind.