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Connecting AirPods to a PC

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AirPods are great headphones, and for those of you wondering if you can connect AirPods to a PC, the answer is yes. Connecting AirPods to a PC can seem confusing, but you can do it. We have everything you need to know about connecting your AirPods to a PC and how to navigate troubleshooting issues from the outdated device drivers that may be present in your system.

What Are AirPods and Can You Use them on a PC?

AirPods are headphones designed by Apple. In addition to working with other Apple products like Mac computers, AirPods are also compatible with Windows computers. Here’s how to connect an AirPod to a PC.

With rich sound and a stylish design, AirPods are fun to have and the fact that they are capable of working with both Macs and Windows PCs makes them even better. Here are some helpful tips on how to connect your AirPods to a PC manually with some advice on troubleshooting.

How to Manually Connect an AirPod to a PC

Connecting an AirPod to a PC by yourself is typically a straightforward task. Should you decide to do so, here are the basic instructions on how to connect it to the PC.

  • Place the AirPod into the charging case
  • Open the lid.
  • Depress the setup button on the AirPod’s charging case until you see a white blinking light on the charging case.
  • Finally, follow the on-screen prompts provided on your PC to finish pairing the AirPods.

This concludes the steps you’ll need to take to connect your AirPods to a PC. While the process doesn’t sound all too bad, problems that require troubleshooting can come up on occasion.

AirPods Microphone Doesn’t Work When Pairing With a PC

The standard Microsoft Bluetooth Driver doesn’t always work with the AirPods microphone input. This is due to the microphone input being considered one device, and the sound output being considered another device.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to get a different Bluetooth driver for your adapter. If you have a custom built PC and have your own Bluetooth dongle, you may need additional software to manage the devices, instead of using the Generic Bluetooth Driver. Depending on your device, you may need to get the software “Bluetooth Headset Helper” from Broadcom, or make sure you have the most modern and updated drivers.

Driver Support has the most updated drivers, and they’ll automatically be deployed when you connect the AirPods. Most users can expect to have this fix this problem, as well as any other have updated drivers for all their devices without bulky software from the manufacturers.

Using Driver Support to Support Every Bluetooth Audio Device

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While you can update your drivers yourself, the process is really a waste of time. Automatic updates are the way to go. With fully updated drivers you won’t run into trouble when connecting your AirPods to a PC.

Download Driver Support and Make Connecting AirPods to Your PC Easier with Updated Drivers

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