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Connecting a Nintendo Switch Controller to a PC

The Nintendo Switch is an awesome console that offers a unique gaming experience. The retro feel of Nintendo brings nostalgia as well as improved graphics to the table. The Nintendo Switch controller features an impressive design and can be connected to a PC. Here’s how to do so.

Why Connect a Nintendo Switch Controller to Your PC?

So, why would you want to connect the Nintendo Switch controller to your PC? Well, why not? The graceful design of the Nintendo Switch controller translates well into PC games. Gamers using a Nintendo Switch controller for PC games notice greater control and fluidity of movement. The Nintendo Switch controller, while on the pricey side, is worth every penny. The Nintendo Switch controller is durable, features highly responsive motion sensors, and has a top-notch directional pad.

How to Connect a Nintendo Switch Controller to Your PC

Before you can start tearing through PC games using your Nintendo Switch controller, you’ll need to connect it first.

When it comes to how to connect a Nintendo Switch controller to your PC, there are two ways you can do it. The decision will ultimately come down to your preference.

The first option is to use a wired connection in which case you’ll need some USB-C-to-USB-C or USB-A-to-USB-C cable. Simply connect the Nintendo Switch controller to your PC with the cable and presto, you’ve got a connection!

While the wired approach is generally the easiest to set up, most gamers prefer wireless connections hands down. With that in mind, you’ll need to start by pressing the sync button located near the top of the gamepad. Also, be sure to have either a Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth on board to connect the controller to your PC wirelessly.

After you see lights flashing from holding down the sync button, right-click on the Bluetooth icon from your system tray. Next, you’ll want to click on, ‘Add Bluetooth Device.’ For Windows 10 users, you’ll have to hit ‘Bluetooth’ to confirm that you are selecting a Bluetooth connection.

After clicking on ‘Add Bluetooth Device’ and confirming, your Nintendo controller should appear on the resulting list. Make sure that the lights are still flashing and click on your controller from the list to make the connection.

Connecting to Steam

Once your Nintendo Switch controller has been connected to the PC, you’re ready to take the next step and get the controller set up and recognized on Steam. For many PC gamers, Steam is going to be the primary platform for playing PC games with a Nintendo controller.

Start by opening the Settings menu.

Then navigate to General Controller Settings.

Next, you’ll need to hit ‘Switch Pro Configuration Support’ and see if the crosshair from the controller comes up on your screen. If it doesn’t you’ll have to do some troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Drivers, Why Your Nintendo Switch Controller Won’t Connect to Your PC

Now that you know how to connect a Nintendo Switch controller to your PC, you should be good to go, unless there’s a technical problem.

While the steps are simple enough, sometimes it isn’t that easy and you’ll need to troubleshoot. If your Nintendo Switch controller isn’t connecting to the PC after following the steps covered above, it could mean that you have severely outdated device drivers on your PC.

When your device drivers become outdated, they can start causing serious performance issues on your PC. All you’ll need to do to fix it and get that controller connected is update your drivers.

To do this manually, something many PC users loathe, begin by opening up Device Manager from the Start menu.

Next, you’ll need to start opening each device, finding the driver and updating it. Right-click on a device and hit Properties to continue.

Now go ahead and hit the Driver tab on the top just to the right of your current tab.

From here you can hit Update Driver to begin the updating process. You should also check out the Details tab to view more information on each driver.

Finally, after the driver has been updated, you’ll have to repeat the process for each additional driver that is out of date.

The Beauty of Automatic Update Software

Now that you know the steps you’d have to take to update each and every device driver, you can see just how tedious that would be. Luckily, you don’t have to do any of that when you install special software like Driver Support. Programs like Driver Support keep all of your device drivers updated automatically, meaning you never have to perform these updates yourself.

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