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Computer Shuts Down Randomly

computer shutting down

Computer shutting down, with seemingly no cause? How frustrating! Random shutdowns can ruin a match of your favorite video game or ruin unsaved work.

Here’s our expert troubleshooting advice to fix this issue and prevent it from occurring in the future!

Why Does My Computer Shut Down by Itself?

There are many things that can make a computer shut down by itself – from hardware failures to software failures. Follow this guide to find the most common reasons why a computer may shut down without an error screen.

Checking a Power Supply for Failure

One of the most common and easiest computer problems to remedy are power supply problems. These issues can cause computer shutdowns. Before you do anything else, check the power cord. Power cords can easily get pulled out of the outlet when cleaning around computers.

The issue can be more complicated however if the cord is plugged in but still not receiving power.

Be sure to plug in another device to verify that the outlet is working. If there are any signal lights on the computer, check to make sure they are blinking properly.

Check the Computer’s Environment

The next thing you should check after the power supply is the computer’s temperature. Most modern computers have thermometers set up inside the PC. Computers are sensitive to certain temperature ranges and should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. If the computer experiences higher temperatures than 60 degrees Celsius, it will shut down – and likely cause permanent damage. If you’re on a desktop, you should upgrade your cooling system if you’re experiencing temperature shutdowns.

Your computer’s temperature information is accessible via BIOS (the Basic Input Output System). You can usually access this by restarting the computer and pressing whichever key your computer uses. It’s usually F8, F12, or Del.

Keep in mind that not all computer models keep this information in BIOS, but it can be worth checking.

Should your computer’s temperature run too high, you should clean it of dust. Excessive dust accumulation is one of the most common reasons for a computer shutting down. Dust buildup is easy both to remedy and prevent. Simply keep your computer clean and free of dust as regularly as possible, this will keep your computer running smooth and prevent it from overheating.

Overheating is can ruin a computer and end up costing you a lot of money. Keeping your computer dust free is well worth the effort and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Updating Vital Computer Drivers

Having outdated device drivers is perhaps the most probable reason for computer shutdowns. This issue can be remedied by manually updating your Windows 10 drivers, but this process is exceptionally tedious. Automatic driver updates are much more convenient, and you don’t have to worry about keeping track of when to update your drivers again in the future. Software like Driver Support takes care of this for you automatically and keeps all of your device drivers routinely updated.

As evidenced by Microsoft Forums, your computer shutting down at random can most likely come from having drivers that are outdated and can be remedied by automatically updating them with software like Driver Support.

You can manually try to configure your DNS servers. However, it is strongly advisable to opt for installing an automatic device

Keep in mind that performing manual device updates is a tedious and laborious process that can be downright infuriating when attempted by yourself. Not only do you miss out on significant chunks of time, but you can also end up being frustrated when manual update procedures don’t work.

Installing Driver Support is the best choice you can make for your computer. Not only will it resolve issues like computer shutdowns, but it will also keep your computer in good health for years to come.

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