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Chromecast Won’t Connect to Windows

Chromecast can be a great thing to have and makes a good alternative to Roku. As a streaming device, it doesn’t do half bad and is pretty convenient for the price. When trying to use Chromecast with a Windows PC however, it can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips on how to prevent and resolve these issues.

The Benefits of Chromecast

Chromecast makes it easy to access streaming services like Netflix on different devices including TVs and computers. The conservative pricing of Chromecast makes it a popular choice compared to more expensive alternatives.

While conservatively priced, Chromecast can deliver streaming speeds of up to 1080p which is perfectly adequate for most users.

Problems in Using Chromecast with Windows

One of the most common errors that users encounter when trying to use Chromecast with Windows is the computer not finding/detecting Chromecast and the no cast destination found error.

The “no destination found” error is incredibly frustrating, especially when you’ve been looking forward to kicking back and streaming your favorite movies or shows.

What Do I Do When My Computer Doesn’t Find Chromecast?

  • Check Wi-Fi – One of the first things that you should do when troubleshooting Chromecast connection problems with Windows is to check your Wi-Fi connection. You can easily accomplish this by testing the internet connection on your PC.
  • Restart PC – Assuming that you have already made sure the devices are receiving power, the next step would be to restart both your computer and your router. When restarting your PC and router, you should reboot your Chromecast device as well.
  • Check connection – Also, be sure to verify that Chromecast is connected to the same network as your PC.
  • Check firewall and antivirus – Another thing that could be interfering with your connection is your firewall and antivirus settings. Under certain configurations, these security components could be blocking your connection.
  • Use HDMI extender – If the preceding options do not resolve the problem, you may want to consider trying to use an HDMI extender. Before springing for an HDMI extender, however, you should see if your device drivers could be the cause of the issue.
  • Update drivers – Outdated device drivers can cause many other issues with your PC too. Among some of the most severe are sluggishness and problems with your monitor. In some cases, an outdated driver can make your PC monitor have a black screen. The screen will remain black until the appropriate driver is updated, which will be rather difficult considering that there’s no output on your screen.

What Are Device Drivers and How Can They Affect Chromecast’s Connection to Windows?

Device drivers are specialized software that helps different hardware components work together properly. When a driver becomes severely outdated, it can cause a slew of performance problems on your PC including your connection issue with Chromecast.

When updating drivers manually, it always helps to know which ones to look for. One of the most common sets of drivers that cause connection issues when out of date are the chipset drivers.

How to Update Your Drivers Manually                      

While you can update your device drivers manually, the process is so harrowing and mind-numbingly frustrating that you won’t want to.

Here’s how you can update your device driver, however, keep in mind that this entire process will have to be repeated for each driver.

Start the process by clicking on the Start menu and opening up Device Manager.

Next, you’ll want to right-click on the device in question and hit Properties.

The Properties screen will show an array of tabs containing more detailed information. Hit on the Driver tab to continue.

From here you can click on Update Driver to begin the update.

You should also hit Driver Details to get more information on the component.

Once the driver has been updated, you’ll have to start the process all over again for each driver that is out of date.

Why You Should Choose Automatic Updates

Those of you with more than one PC, automatic updates are a must. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to perform multiple manual driver updates. Life is short enough, don’t make it any shorter by wasting time on manual updates.

When it comes to software solutions for automatic driver updates, Driver Support comes to mind. Not only is Driver Support the most reliable as a program, but the convenience afforded by the software is also unmatched. With Driver Support, you’ll never have to sit around watching the day go by while manually updating each and every driver on your machine.

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