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BenQ Monitor Not Working

ben q monitor broken

Monitors not working are generally a sign of a defective video card or an improper graphics driver. However, sometimes, monitors fail for other reasons. If your BenQ monitor isn’t functioning or is improperly functioning, try to follow this guide to understand why and fix the issues.

Do The Cables Connected to Your BenQ Monitor Work?

Check if your power cables or DVI, HDMI, or VGA cables can be used in other devices. It’s very possible that if your monitor has suddenly stopped working, that the cable itself could be broken. Does it work on other devices? Do other cables work in its stead? Most power cables or video cables are easily replaced by going to a local computer or tech store and picking up replacements.

Is the BenQ Monitor’s Power Properly Connected?

When using computers, it’s always best to use something that can ground and secure your valuable electronics. If you want to diagnose issues with the monitor, it’s likely you should test your power. Does it power other devices successfully? Are there any shorts? Do you have a power strip that the monitor is plugged in to? Is power supplied to the other devices plugged into the strip?  Is there a standby light when the monitor is plugged in? Does toggling the power make anything happen? Do you have any other devices you can plug in? Does the monitor work when they are plugged in instead?

If the power is working to everything else, but the monitor still isn’t working, it could be the power cable for your BenQ monitor. See if replacing the BenQ Power Cable fixes the issue. You can call or contact BenQ to get a replacement power cable.

Try Testing Another Display, Such as TV or Monitor

Have a video card with a HDMI output? Try plugging into a TV. This may help diagnose if the computer’s output is the issue, or if your BenQ monitor is the issue. If you get a response from the TV when you’re on the correct channel, the monitor may be broken. You may have to contact BenQ support to receive assistance.

It’s Not the BenQ Monitor – Graphics Card Problem

If your graphics card has multiple output ports on it, try all the other ports to see if the issue is the port. Sometimes, whether you’re on AMD or Nvidia, one of your outputs will fail. It is not a common issue, but it is not unheard of. If this clears the problem, contact your retailer or manufacturer to try to get a refurbished card, or just stop using that port for now.

Sometimes, a faulty or out-of-date driver can cause graphics issues as well. If you’re on a desktop and you have an integrated graphics output, try plugging into that output and updating your video card’s drivers. If you’re on a laptop, try using your native screen and updating your graphics drivers as well as your chipset drivers.

Download Drivers for BenQ Monitors, Sound, and Graphics Cards

If the sound isn’t working on your monitor, if your picture isn’t showing properly, or if you have flickering, black screens, or a myriad of other issues – you may need to update a lot of system drivers.