Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi X470 Rear Audio Issue

Serious gaming requires serious hardware, and the Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi X470 is one of the most powerful motherboards designed specifically for gamers. The sheer power of it makes games that are most taxing to the system run like a dream.

However, many users encounter an issue with the rear audio at some point. Here’s how you can fix and prevent this problem and keep on gaming without interruption.

Built for True Power Gamers, the Aorus Gaming 7 Wifi X470

The X470 was designed as the successor to AMD’s previous 300 series that while impressive, was in need of improvement. The new chipset supports higher speeds as well, up to DDR4-2933 speeds with 6 layers.

Equipped with StoreMI technology, they allow multi-drive systems for both SSD and spinning hard drives. The addition of StoreMI technology ensures a smooth, fluid, and incomparable gaming experience. Boot times, as well as application launch times, are made lightning fast.

Aesthetically, the X470 is worlds better than its predecessor and has opted for a more progressive, industrial anodized look that is sure to attract the modern gamer.

In addition to these substantial improvements, the x470 sports:

  • Intel® Ethernet LAN featuring the cFOS Speed Internet Accelerator
  • RGB FUSION 2.0
  • Can accommodate 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Processors


All of these robust advantages make it possible for the x470 to convert ordinary PCs into the powerful, high-performance machines that gamers covet.

Gamers looking to max out on PC performance for truly incredible gaming experiences can turn to the x470 for gaming to achieve this goal. Aorus hardware like the Gaming 7 Wifi x470 is a top-performer, and the only issues that users have with it are usually caused by outdated drivers.

X470 Gaming 7 Sound Issues

Turning back to the rear audio issue, you may find yourself with Aorus x470 gaming no sound. Nothing ruins a gaming experience like games with no discernible audio. When this happens, you won’t be able to hear any sound from your game, even after turning the volume all the way up. Most commonly, the sound issue only affects rear audio, which is still excruciatingly frustrating regardless.

With no sound, you won’t be able to hear all of the awesome sound effects on any of your PC games until it’s fixed. Some of you might be frustrated enough to want to get rid of your Aorus x470 and spring for something different. While tempting, and no one would fault you for tearing it out and replacing it in a fit of rage, you can troubleshoot the problem to get your audio back to normal.

Troubleshooting the X470 Sound Issues

There are a number of things you can try when troubleshooting Aorus x470’s audio problems like having no sound output. While some of these tops pertain to Windows 10 users, the same basic principles will apply to owners of other operating systems.

First thing’s first, before throwing your PC out the window, check to see if the sound is muted, both on the game, and on the speaker.

Next, check all of your wired connections and any connections to audio accessories. If connected securely, try unplugging and then reconnecting them.

For Windows users, updating your operating system might do the trick. Many of the audio issues related to the x470 can be effectively remedied with updates.

Updating Your Drivers Could Be the Answer

After running through the other troubleshooting options, you may find that the real culprit for why there’s Aorus x470 gaming no sound is that your device drivers are outdated.

So, what is a device driver? They are special software components that help your PC hardware function properly. When drivers on different devices go out of date, they can cause a wide range of problems including the rear audio issues you’re experiencing on your Aorus X470.

Device drivers are important in that they help different hardware components like the Aorus X470 communicate with the rest of the parts on your PC. Without fully functional drivers, your hardware won’t communicate properly which is most likely why you don’t have any rear audio output.

Other problems that can occur when you let your device drivers go out of date include the dreaded black-screen in which your monitor simply won’t do anything. Yelling and screaming at your PC, while satisfying at the moment surprisingly won’t fix your computer hardware, but updating your drivers will.

How to Update Your Device Drivers Manually

While updating your device drivers can solve your X470’s audio problems, doing it yourself can be a harrowing experience. Those who are not particularly technically inclined will be especially beleaguered when attempting these updates manually.

No one is going to enjoy spending several hours sitting around updating all the device drivers, especially gamers. Here’s how the manual update process works.

You’ll want to start by clicking on the Start menu and pulling up Device Manager.

From here you can see all of your hardware and pull up the information on each one to see their drivers and update them. Go ahead and find the first hardware component that has a driver by right-clicking over the devices and hitting Properties.

The next step when opening these windows is to click on the Driver tab in the top-middle. Now click on Driver Details to view important information on each driver.

When finished, hit Update Driver to start the update and complete the process.

After the driver has been updated, you are ready to begin the process all over again on the next hardware component on Device Manager as you work your way down the list.

Remember how man devices were on that list in Device Manager? It’s pretty much how many drivers you’d have to be updating. To make matters worse, for the most part, you won’t get any notifications telling you that your drivers are out of date or which ones. The only warning will come in the form of your current rear audio issue with your x470, a blank screen, or something more direct.

Why You Should Update Drivers Automatically 

Now you know just how frustrating and time-consuming it would be to keep updating your drivers manually. You’ll be happy to hear that you can keep everything updated automatically with special software.

Powerful software solutions like Driver Support actively scan for outdated drivers and update them all automatically. That means no sitting in front of the monitor wasting precious time in your day trying to update your drivers by yourself. You can spend all of the hours you save with automatic updates to play your favorite games.

Take Gaming to the Next Level, with Driver Support

Driver Support is the most trusted and effective program for keeping PC hardware running smoothly and updating device drivers automatically. With such unparalleled convenience, installing Driver Support is the smart way to keep your gaming hardware in peak condition.

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