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10 Best Podcast Microphone Setups

One of the top things that hook a podcast listener is excellent audio.

Before you jump into the world of recording, invest in a few pieces of recording equipment to ensure you have one of the best podcast microphone setups available. It can make recording and editing easier for you and create audio files that people want to listen to.

Things to Look for in the Best Mic for Recording Vocals

When it comes to picking out a microphone for recording vocals, there are a few things to think about.

Podcast Format

You’ll need a microphone for sure, but think about your podcast format. If you plan to do interviews or have guests, more than one mic might be necessary.


Also, consider the location. Will you record in the same place, such as a studio, or will you record your podcast on the go from multiple locations?

Recording Quality

Look for a mic that records voice well and won’t bog down with things you don’t want, such as ambient sounds. Crisp vocals are a vital element of podcasts.

Compatibility with Your Setup

When it comes to picking out a microphone for podcasting, the big question relates to your computer setup. What kind of peripherals do you need to connect to the equipment you already have?


Most podcasting mics use a USB or XLR connection. USB microphones are typically the best option for beginners because there is little setup and extra software isn’t needed to start recording. XLR mics require an additional power source.

Dynamic or Condenser Mic?

The second choice among microphones on the market is whether to buy a dynamic or condenser mic. If you want a more casual feel with vibrant sound, opt for a dynamic mic. If sharp, clear audio is more of your desire, try a condenser mic.

USB mics are condenser mics, so that can make the decision tree a little easier if you want to stick with that connection type. XLR mics are what you’ll find many of the pros using, and they are available as condenser or dynamic options.


Other equipment to consider as part of a podcast setup includes a mixer for editing, a mic stand so you don’t have to hold it, and filters or screens to optimize sound quality and block unwanted background noise.


The final, and maybe most significant, consideration when it comes to a podcasting microphone setup is price. There’s a wide variance in cost when it comes to different brands, features, and overall setups. The good news is there is something for podcasters at every level, and a beginner can get started for less than $100, while some of the best single-mic professional options are under $500.

10 Best Podcast Microphones

What is the best mic for recording vocals for your podcast? Here are the 10 best mics to check out.

1. Blue Yeti Pro

This XLR microphone is an affordable option with pro-quality sound. It’s a favorite mic among YouTubers, streaming video recorders, and podcasters.

Use it with any audio interface or recorder with 24bit/96kHz sample rates for top-quality sounds recording. The pro version has a higher cost than a standard model, but is a pretty ideal professional setup for someone serious about podcasting. Plus, this mic has a sleek look and comes with a stand.

This mic retails for $249.

2. Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone

Shure is almost a household name when it comes to microphones. This professional mic is designed for voice or music and provides clear sounds with a pop filter that blocks breath sounds and background noise.

The XLR mic has a high frequency of 50 to 20,000Hz. It also comes with a detachable windscreen and Yoke mounting stand for positioning control.

This mic retails for $399.

3. RODE NT1-A Condenser Microphone

RODE’s NT1-A is a standard XLR mic that’s commonly used in professional recording studios and for TV production. It has a sophisticated sound quality that’s great for permanent setups and recording.

It features a quiet, noise-free output that won’t pick up distracting sounds during your podcast. Everything you need to get started, including a pop shield and mount, as well as cables and a dust cover, are included in the box with this mic.

4. Samson Go Mic Portable

If you plan to podcast on the go, a portable USB mic is your best bet. The Samson Go Mic is super affordable and super small. It packs a lot of performance in a small package that’s an ideal option for beginners.

The mic is designed for plug and play and has an option to capture focused voices for your podcast or ambient noise for mixing.

This mic retails for $39.

5. Blue Raspberry

Not every podcast can be recorded in a studio. The Blue Raspberry mic is a compact option that works with an iPad for more portable recordings. It comes with a folding stand or is mountable and features top-notch sound for a portable option.

It connects using USB or a Lightning port and comes with multi-track recording software.

This mic retails for $290.

6. Neat Microphones Bumblebee

If you want a mic with a modern design, the Bumblebee fits the bill. It features a dry sound with easy to use controls right on the microphone stand. Adjust music, voice, and mic gain directly from the device without moving to a computer.

This USB mic has an adjustable stand as well, but it can’t be disconnected and mounted elsewhere.

This mic retails for $140.

7. Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone

If you are looking for a professional studio mic, this is it. Heil has been making mics for more than 25 years, and this model has a wide frequency range that tops many other condenser mics. This is one of the top products used in commercial broadcasting.

The sound from this mic is clear and crisp, and it comes with a steel body and zinc die-cast bottom ring. You will need to buy a mount or stand separately with this podcasting microphone.

This mic retails for $329.

8. Pyle Classic Retro Vintage Style Mic

Go for high style with Pyle’s PDMICR42SL. The XLR mic looks like the mics musicians of the past had on-stage and is attention-grabbing in the studio.

The sound quality is richer than condenser mics and records smoothly. It doesn’t have the exact richness of more high-end models. This mic is a good starter XLR potion for podcasters.

This mic retails for $38.

9. MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount

The MXL 990 has a vintage style, which is popular among mic manufacturers and podcasters, and features a silky, warm sound. Recordings are bright and rich, and the shock mount provides extra stability for the mic during recording for better sound quality.

It’s a durable option and blocks background noise well. The mic comes with an XLR cable and multiple color options for the case finish.

This mic retails for $69.

10. Apogee Hypemic

If you want a mic with a small size and simple controls, the Apogee Hypemic could be a fit. It has superior sound quality and is easy to move around thanks to a lightweight design and stand. It includes a built-in analog compressor.

This mic uses a micro USB jack rather than the standard USB-C, so it is a good idea to ensure that your computer has an appropriate input jack.

This mic retails for $349.

Podcasters Need Computers That Work Smoothly

Recording the perfect podcast starts with a great microphone, but it has to connect to superior tools as well. An up-to-date computer and operating system with plenty of memory and storage is imperative.

You might need system updates or drivers that can keep your computer functioning at optimum levels. Don’t let a slow system get in the way when recording a podcast.

Ensure your computer and peripherals run smoothly with Driver Support.