Nvidia Announces New Graphics Cards

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NVIDIA released a new group of GeForce RTX graphic cards in July under the Super moniker. The popular RTX 2060, 2070, and 2080 will now also have a Super version without necessarily receiving a hefty price-hike.

If you’ve already struggled with keeping up with what NVIDIA GeForce GPU is right for you, the decision just got a little more complicated.

Nvidia Announces New Graphics Card

NVIDIA Super Graphics Cards Features

Packed with powerful features already, the RTX Super Range further speeds up the processing power and provides real-time ray tracing for an unmatched gaming experience. With the NVIDIA Turing architecture, you’ll gain six times better performance than the older generation Pascal GPUs.

Nvidia Super Graphics Card

NVIDIA GeForce RTX Super Graphics Cards

If (like most gamers) you believe that Frames per Second (FPS) is everything, the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super GPU will definitely grab your attention. The GPU boosts a 41T rating in the NVIDIA RTX-OPS specification, which is how NVIDIA will grade all Turing cards the future.

FPS increases by game

Turing Features that come with the RTX Super range of NVIDIA GeForce cards include:

  • RT Cores – Real-Time ray tracing with dedicated hardware for physically accurate reflections, refractions, shadows, and global illumination.
  • Tensor Cores – Uses NVIDIA DLSS technology for artificially intelligent processing and accelerated gaming performance.
  • Next-Gen Shading – Focused processing on areas of rich detail with variable rate shading that supports an order of magnitude more objects per scene.
  • Concurrent Processing – Computes heavy workloads with simultaneous float point and integer processing.

You’ll get all of these improvements without having to pay a lot more for the hardware. Currently, you can order the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super GPU directly from the website for only $399. That’s only $60 more than the standard RTX 2060 series. You’ll also get 2GB more onboard memory than the standard RTX 2060 model.

Nvidia website

You definitely get bang for your buck considering the performance increases you’ll receive. When comparing the other two options available, the price differences compared to the previous RTX version are marginal.

super vs standard RTX 2070 prices

Similarly, there is only a $30 difference between the top of the range versions.

super vs standard RTX 2080 prices

GeForce Experience for Optimized Gaming with the New NVIDIA Graphics Card

Every gamer knows that for enhanced performance, you have to tune your rig to achieve the best experience. NVIDIA provides the GeForce Experience software to keep track of your hardware and software settings used with your NVIDIA Graphics Card.

If your computer came with an NVIDIA Graphics Card, you’ll have the GeForce Experience pre-installed. If you’ve purchased and installed the card, the software is included on the disc that came with your new GeForce RTX Super card. You can also download the software from the NVIDIA GeForce website.

  1. To start GeForce Experience, hit the Windows key and type “GeForce Experience” in the search bar, then select the top result.

search for GeForce Experience

  1. You’ll see a splash screen while the software loads and collects information regarding your system.

GeForce Experience Splash Screen

  1. On the Games tab, GeForce Experience will collect all the games currently installed and provide optimized settings based on any specific game (if it’s supported).

Games Tab in GE

You can also check for any updates, or launch the game directly from this tab.

  1. The Drivers tab shows the currently installed drivers for your NVIDIA Graphics Card.

nvidia graphics card

You’ll also see if any new updated drivers are available from the NVIDIA website. Choose Download Driver to update your current driver.

  1. Choose the My Rig tab for detailed information about your current PC setup.

My Rig Tab in GE

  1. On the Shield tab, you’ll find information about how to stream games to other GeForce Shield devices.

Shield Tab in GE

Note that Shield is a media streaming device that connects all your gaming equipment, provides entertainment, and includes many apps to improve your overall experience. NVIDIA Shield includes a media player, a remote control, and a gaming controller.

NVIDIA Shield features include:

  • 4K HDR Ready Graphics with container format support including Xvid, DivX, ASF, MKV, AVI, M2TS, MPEG-TS, MP4, MOV, and WEB-M.
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS-X sound over HDMI.
  • An NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor that includes 256-Core GPU and with 3GB onboard RAM.
  • Android Oreo OS (Android 8.0) with Chromecast included.
  1. Finally, on the Preferences tab, you change your language, see the current version information for GeForce Experience, change update settings, and specify which installation folders to scan for games.

Preferences Tab in GE

Using GeForce Experience, you can easily manage both the game settings and hardware drivers used on your gaming rig.

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