Driver Management for SCCM

Driver Manager automates the download of OEM drivers and the creation of System Center Configuration Manager driver and software packages.

Driver Manager can import ConfigMgr hardware inventory and download the latest drivers for Windows 10, 8,  7, Vista, XP, Server 2008/R2 and 2003.

What is Driver Manager?

Driver Manager lowers the cost associated with the maintenance and deployment of Windows OEM drivers when used with System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) and Operating System Deployment (OSD).

Driver Manager can be installed on a workstation or server running the ConfigMgr management console. Machines in your organisation can be easily imported from the ConfigMgr inventory database. Once imported, searches for the latest Windows drivers can be performed. Unlike other products that attempt to harvest existing drivers from a machine, Driver Manager sends a query to web-based servers that return download details for the latest OEM drivers

Driver Manager ENGL

Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More


  • Reduces costs associated with Windows deployment
  • Pre-stage drivers ready for Windows 10 deployment
  • One solution for all hardware platforms
  • Get drivers regardless of the existing Windows version
  • Driver installation method automatically determined


  • Import hardware inventory from SCCM or Driver Manager Scanner
  • Search and download drivers for multiple machine models
  • Analyse drivers to determine the installation method
  • Create SCCM Driver and Software packages and assign driver categories
  • Create MDT Out-of-box drivers or Application packages

Automated Driver Packaging

  • Hardware Import
  • Driver Discovery
  • Driver Download
  • Driver Analysis
  • SCCM and MDT Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is Driver Manager licensed?
A. Driver Manager is licensed using a subscription model. A license will last 12 months which gives you access to the Driver Manager console, driver searches and ConfigMgr integration. At the end of the license term, a new 12 month license can be purchased.

Q. Why doesn’t Driver Manager harvest drivers from existing machines?
A. Harvesting drivers from an existing machine requires you to have installed the Windows version/platform with drivers for the OS you need to deploy. This is a big issue if you are migrating from one Windows version or platform to another, i.e Windows XP to Windows 7, or Windows 7 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit. For example, it would require you to install Windows 7 with the latest drivers on each different machine model, harvest the drivers, then redeploy the original operating system. Driver harvesting is also unreliable because in most cases it is impossible to recreate a workable driver installation from the files found on the machine as critical setup files may be missing.

Q. Can the driver installation command line be changed?
A. Yes. Driver Manager will analyse each driver and determine the best installation method (INF or command line). Driver properties can be used to force a command line installation.

Q. Are BETA drivers included in the search?
A. No, but pre-release/BETA drivers can be manually imported into Driver Manager then packaged using the ConfigMgr integration wizard.

Q. How can driver issues be reported?
A. Driver Manager includes context menu ‘Report Issue’ functionality that allows driver details to be sent to ENGL support.

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